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Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness with 3 Buckles

Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness with 3 Buckles

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L: 29.5 x 24.2 x 7.7 cm 0.376 kg
M: 29.5 x 24.3 x 7.2 cm 0.346 kg
S: 29.5 x 24.5 x 6.6 cm 0.255 kg
XL: 29.5 x 24.3 x 7.7 cm 0.409 kg

Experience optimal protection and comfort with our Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness. Crafted from durable nylon Oxford fabric with reinforced stitching, this harness ensures high-tensile strength. The lockable buckle at the neckline offers a secure fastening, complemented by wide-area reflective stitching for enhanced visibility during nighttime adventures. Designed for convenience, the harness features three quick-release buckles, making it easy to put on and take off without hassle. Your dog will enjoy the cozy fabrics, including comfortable padding and breathable mesh, while you benefit from the soft padded wide top handle for comfortable control. Achieve versatile control with two metal leash attachment points, one on the front for no-pull control or training, and one on the back for casual strolls. The reinforced handle adds an extra layer of control, making it easy to lift your dog in various situations. Fully adjustable with four points of adjustment, this harness ensures a customized fit for dogs of all sizes. Whether you're going for daily walks, runs, hikes, training sessions, or other outdoor adventures, our Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness is your ideal companion.

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User Guide : How to Put on the Harness Fitted



Step 1: Quick and Easy

  • Unsnap 3 buckles and loosen the straps.
  • We recommend you first loosen all the straps, and then adjust and tighten them after putting the harness on your dog.

    Step 2: How to adjust the straps

    • Pull the top strap out first and then pull it tight. Vary the length in one way or another.

      Step 3: Put on the Harness

      • Make sure that the handle and the logo "rabbitgoo" should be up on your dog's back.
        Then fasten the lockable Quick-snap buckle at the Neck.
        Arrange straps and buckle up the side of two unsnap buckle.

        Step 4: Snap All Buckles

        • Snape all the buckles. Please snap the neck buckles and snap the chest buckles.

          Step 4: Simple Adjustment

          • Adjust neck and chest straps on both sides to ensure a comfortable fit.

            Check for the 2-Finger Rule

            • Check the fitting using the 2-Finger Rule: You should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and any part of your dog's body, so the harness fits snugly without restricting your dog's movement.

              Find your dog’s

              perfect match

              Measure the largest part of the rib cage


              Neck: 13- 19 inches, Chest: 12- 25 inches


              Pet-friendly Assistance

              The sturdy handle provides additional control and support, helping dogs navigate obstacles and improving guidance during walks or training sessions. It's ideal for senior or disabled dogs.

              Front Clip for No Pull

              When your dog suddenly pulls, it allows you, the owner, to better guide your dog's actions. Once leashed, the dog is helped to stop pulling and jumping.

              Versatile Control for Safety

              This dog harness features two metal leash attachment points for safer dog walks, one front clip for no pull control or dog training, and one back clip for casual walking. It also has a reinforced handle for additional control, providing an easy lifting aid in both general and treacherous situations.

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