Sun Blocking One Way Window Privacy Film

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one way window film
  • Hard to install the one way window film with sticky glue?
  • Bothered with the glare of the summer strong sunlight when you are watching TV or reading?
  • Don't want the blinds closed all day and want still look out your window without nosy neighbors seeing inside?

Rabbitgoo one-way window film is the ideal way to reduce the glare, and add privacy to your front door windows without blocking your view of the outside. The mirrored window privacy film is a super static cling and works great on flat, clean, and smooth glass surfaces that can be easily removed and reused according to your need.

Kindly Note:

  • This reflective window film Only provides Daytime Privacy: Mirrored exterior appearance provides daytime privacy. Anyone trying to sneak a peek inside will see themselves reflected in the window instead, while those in the room see who's on the other side; This window privacy film does not offer nighttime privacy. Need nighttime privacy, please remember to draw your curtains
  • Do not apply the mirror film to a double-pane window that will be exposed to the sun for a long time
  • Can not be used as a real mirror: The one-way mirror film with a reflective effect to provide privacy and is not totally like a real mirror; It's the window tinting film for home, the view from inside is not as clear as a car tint.
one way window film
one way window film

window privacy film

window film sun blocking

window tinting film for home

window tinting film for home

Mirror Effect Outside

The window tinting film for the home only provides daytime privacy with the mirrored exterior appearance, while maintaining your view of the outside

Block Out UV Light

Blocks up to 90% of UV rays, this sun-blocking window film helps to keep your flooring, furniture, blinds, and draperies from fading

Static Cling with No Glue

Can be removed easily without any traces left on the window. Great for rented homes or apartments that may not allow permanent installations to block out light

Remove the Protective Film First!

For a beautiful and resilient end result, take your time, measure carefully, wet thoroughly, and squeegee the entire surface. Don't forget to remove the backing film first!