Rabbitgoo Padded Traffic 2 Handles Dog Leash

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Rabbitgoo Traffic Two Handles Dog Leash——Enjoy Walking With Your Dog From Now! 

Key Features: 

  • ✔Better Control With Dual Traffic Handles: Afraid of Leading the Dog to Cross the Streets in Heavy Traffic? The Dual Traffic Handles provides two handles-- the lower one specially designed for training and traffic use, with a 1.25-feet length(from the clip), it could provide an instant and up-close control on the dog when passing crowded areas and traffic paths. The upper one also serves the purpose of a casual walk
  • ✔Safer Walk With Reflective Stitching Design: Make your dog as bright as the star at night! The 3M reflective stitching design on both sides gives great visibility and luminosity to your pet. Make your night walking with your dog much safer, much easier, and much more convenient
  • ✔Better Protection With Padded Handles Goodbye to friction burns and rubbing! With 2 fully padded handles, you can get great protection for your hands. It is very comfortable to hold even if the dog pulls hard against the leash

  • ✔Longer Service Life With Well Constructed Material: Hold up so well beyond your expectation! This 6ft long dog leash is firmly webbed with 2layers of premium nylon, 2x thicker and tougher than standard dog leashes. It is tough enough and can keep its shape for long-term use.
  • ✔BEST Choice for Medium or Large Dogs: Specially designed for medium or large dogs! This substantial and durable dog leash is the best choice for medium or large dogs, as well as some strong small dogs. It allows effective protection as well as effortless control, which brings a new way of walking with the dog

Details: Rabbitgoo Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Premium durable nylon leash features extra thickness and sturdiness, withstands hard pulls up to 110lb, the dual-handles design ensures better control during all outdoor activities, double-sided reflective stitching offers high visibility for safe late night and early morning walks, thoughtfully padded handles prevent you from leash burns.

Are you a serious dog owner looking for a dog leash with exceptional strength and durability? Then this heavy-duty dog leash is your ideal choice!

Notes for You:
* Many dogs like to struggle with the dog leash - Always supervise your canine friend when using the dog leash.
* Need a dog harness to make a perfect match with this leash? Check out Rabbitgoo No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness at our store!