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Must-have thing for walking a dog

Green world is coming! We are willing to enjoy outdoor adventures with our fluffy friends.


Fluffy friends are always full of energetic and curious about everything in nature. Their curiosity may let them a little difficult for you to control when you are walking. At that time, you will be glad that you’ve prepared the most important thing, a escape proof dog harness.



Why is the escape proof dog harness important?

Dogs react faster than humans

Scientist found that dogs can react faster than humans. Dogs react four times faster than humans. When dogs are irritated by some new things, they will react quicker than us so that we can’t control their reactions quickly. But if we use the escape proof dog harness, we can easily control them.

Failing to control your dog may lead to serious safety concerns.

Our fluffy friends may be particularly excited especially when meets their friends or goes to some crowded places. Emotions of excitement may not allow them to control their behaviors, which may hurt dogs themselves or other dogs or people. Therefore, for safety reasons, preparing a suitable and durable escape proof dog harness is of great importance.



How to use the escape proof dog harness correctly?

Always tug on the strap of escape proof dog harness

This will let your pets know that we are controlling and protecting them. And it will improve our reaction speed.

Tighten the strap of escape proof dog harness in advance

If he meets his friends or other dogs, you can tighten the strap in advance and let him slowly approach others. It will allow him to calm down and make him controllable. This method is also useful when near crowds.


In essence, always remember to preparing an escape-proof dog harness before taking a walk with your four-legged friend. Keep your fluffy buddy safe, and ensure the safety of others too!


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