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The Best Harnesses for Large Dogs

Selecting the right harness for your big borzoi is very important, so that your pet is comfortable while walking and you feel confident in command as well. Because big breeds can put a lot of strain on their necks, harnesses are generally used instead of collars since it provides a more equal distribution of pressure on the body. Here, we’ll explore some of the best harness options for large dogs, focusing on two standout products from Rabbitgoo: The first one is the Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness, and the second one is the Tactical Dog Harness Vest.


Rabbitgoo Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness


Key Features

1. Adjustability and Fit:

The Rabbitgoo Adjustable Reflective Dog Harnessis made in various sizes to fit different breed of large dogs depending on the size and shape of their body. There are four straps with four buckle design on it for adjustment which makes the product comfortable to wear and will not pinch the skin. This harness also ensures that the pressure is well spread so that the dog does not develop a sore neck or back.

2. Reflective Strips for Visibility

Night hazards are something that this harness can help avoid when taking the dog out for a stroll at night. It has reflective strips that enhance visibility during nighttime and other situations where visibility is low; this allows cars and other people taking walks with their pets to notice you and your pet from afar.

3. Front Clip for No-Pull Control

One of the most notable aspects is the front clip which helps in no-pull training. The front clip also looks for a reward when the dog pulls and helps teach them not to pull as actively by bringing their focus back to the person in charge.

4. Sturdy Handle for Extra Control

The harness has a padded handle at the back that gives the handler extra control and stability. It is most effective for guiding the action of your dog when it comes to passing through barriers or even in cases where; you need to lift your dog in or out of a car.


  • Enhanced Safety:Reflective strips ensure your dog is visible during evening and early morning walks.
  • Comfort and Control:The adjustable design and front clip help in managing pulling behaviors while providing a comfortable fit.
  • Versatility:Suitable for daily walks, training sessions, and assisting senior or disabled dogs.


Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Vest



Key Features

  1. Durable Construction
    • Made from military-standard 1050D nylon, the Tactical Dog HarnessVest is built to withstand heavy use. The material is tear-resistant and features X-shaped stitching at load points for added durability, making it ideal for active dogs and harsh conditions.
  2. Molle System for Customization
    • This harness is equipped with a Molle system on both sides, allowing you to attach pouches, water bottles, and other accessories. This feature is especially beneficial for service dogs that need to carry supplies or identification.
  3. Front and Back Leash Attachment Points
    • The harness includes both front and back leash attachment points. The front clip is perfect for anti-pulling training, while the back clip is suitable for casual walking. This dual-clip design offers versatility based on your training needs and walking environments.
  4. Reinforced Handle for Control
    • Similar to the Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness, the Tactical Dog HarnessVest also includes a sturdy handle. This feature provides extra control, making it easier to manage your dog in crowded areas or during training sessions.


  • Extreme Durability:The high-quality materials and reinforced stitching ensure the harness can handle even the most energetic large dogs.
  • Customizable and Practical:The Molle system allows you to equip your dog with essential items, making it a practical choice for service dogs.
  • Control and Versatility:With multiple attachment points and a reinforced handle, this harness offers superior control in various situations.


Why Choose Rabbitgoo Harnesses?

Among all the brands of harnesses, Rabbitgoo is one of the most appealing in terms of the design of the products, their durability as well as their pragmatism. From service dogs in training to aging dogs that need assistance staying active or for daily leisurely walks, these harnesses provide the best options for comfort and control.




Customer Reviews

From the customers’ point of view, Rabbitgoo harnesses received positive comments as to their durability and utility. For instance, George S. gives the Tactical Dog Harness Vest a positive feedback for the product’s durability and functionality highlighting that it is the third Rabbitgoo product he ordered with no issues encountered. Likewise, Gabrielle F. Govaerts thanked for the outstanding delivery and awaits to try on the harness together with other functionalities.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Harness

  • Measure Correctly:It is advisable to always measure your dogs chest and neck properly and then check the size chart given by the manufacturer. One must make sure that the harness they have is appropriately adjusted so as to achieve maximum comfort and security.
  • Consider Your Needs: Consider the individual requirements as concerns anti-pulling, visibility and control elements. Choose a harness that is suitable for your training purposes and your kind of life.
  • Check for Durability:  it is clear that large dogs will put a lot of pressure on the harness, therefore the chosen material should be very strong and have strong seams.



Choosing the right harness for your large dog is essential for ensuring their safety, comfort, and your control during walks and training sessions. Rabbitgoo offers some of the best options on the market with their Adjustable Reflective Dog Harness and Tactical Dog Harness Vest. Both harnesses provide unique features tailored to different needs, from daily walks to specialized service dog requirements. With their focus on durability, safety, and control, Rabbitgoo harnesses are an excellent investment for any large dog owner.

Explore the range of Rabbitgoo harnesses today to find the perfect fit for your furry friend, and enjoy worry-free walks and adventures together.

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