Wondering Why Your Dog's Coat Dry and Dull?

Wondering Why Your Dog's Coat Dry and Dull?

What are the reasons for the dryness of dog hair? There is more than one reason for the dog's hair to dry up. If you want your baby to have a shiny and beautiful hair, then the usual care and feeding are very important. The reasons for the dryness of dog hair are:

First, the light is not enough

If the dog is often looking forward to the room, the sun is not exposed to the dog's hair. The main feeding is to sunbathe the dog, absorb more ultraviolet rays, and exercise regularly to have healthy hair.

Second, frequent bathing

Dogs bathe too often, the hair will easily split, break, damage the hair, and help the dog to bathe once a week.

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Third, the environment is messy

If the kennel or cage environment is messy and not cleaned regularly, it will easily cause the dog to catch parasites, which will cause skin diseases and make the dog's hair quality worse.

Fourth, a single diet

If you usually feed a single food for dogs, it is easy to make it lack vitamins and trace elements. It is recommended that the food for the pets be changed frequently to supplement the nutrients needed.

Fifth, the obesity cycle is poor

Obese dogs have poor hair quality. Because of the accumulation of fat, the dog's blood circulation is poor. The owner should take the dog to walk away from each other to prevent the dog from getting too fat.


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