Teach Your Dog to Shake Paws More Quickly

Teach Your Dog to Shake Paws More Quickly

Compared with the fact that my dog ​​is shaking hands, basically, many domestically fed dogs will have this basic training action. How do you train the dog's handshake?


During training, the owner first let the dog sit facing himself. Then, extend a hand and issue a "handshake" password. If the dog lifts a forelimb, the owner will hold it and shake it a little, and at the same time send a "hello" and "hi" password. This is the dog. The reward is also necessary for the handshake ceremony.


After so much training, the dog will become more and more skilled. If the owner sends a "handshake" password, the dog can not actively lift the forelimb. The owner should push the dog's left shoulder with his hand to shift his center of gravity to the left forelimb. At the same time, he grabs the dog's right forelimb and lifts it up and waves. Hello, "Hello" password is encouraged and keeps the dog sitting. By training this way several times, the dog can quickly hand over the forelimbs to shake hands while the owner reaches out, according to the owner's password. While shaking hands, the owner should constantly send out the passwords "Hello" and "Hi", showing a very happy look, praise the dog to stimulate its passion.


Handshake is also a way for the host to communicate emotionally with the dog. The dog is easy to obey this action. Therefore, when the dog is happy, he will actively hand the forelimb to shake hands with you.

If your dog can't do this instinctively, you can train it from the initial slight paw movement to the final completion of a grip that lifts the paw completely.

1. Stage-stage

Extend your hand. If your dog does move its claws, then reward it. Use the culture technique to gradually adjust it to extend the claws.

2. second stage

When you induce your dog to raise its claws to smell the reward, you can use your extended hand as a balance bar for your dog. When its claws are lifted off the ground, even if it is only one inch at the beginning, you have to reward it. Then raise it and raise the claws higher.

3. Touch up tips

Once your dog can continue to make a grip, you can postpone it until it shows a more perfect grip.


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