Things to know about choosing a large dog harness

Things to know about choosing a large dog harness

Selecting the best harness for your large dog is therefore important to guarantee the size of the harnessed dog, his/her comfort and safety as well as your comfort and safety when handling this dog. As those shoppers already know, there are plenty of choices available out there, and making the right purchasing decision can be quite a challenge. However, if several factors are considered, one gets to choose a harness that fulfills the desires of both the user and the dog. In this guide, readers will learn all the basics they have to keep in mind when choosing a large dog harness, with examples of Rabbitgoo products.


1. Size and Fit

  • Accurate Measurements: It is essential to pay close attention and take correct measurements of your dog’s neck as well as chest before going on to purchase a large dog harness. To measure the dog’s harness, the individual should ensure that the garment fits perfectly but is not overly tight for the dog to move as it should; there should be enough room to fit two of the individual’s fingers in between the garment and the dog. Another thing about Rabbitgoo is that they provide width for every harness that they have and so you do not have to worry about your dog’s comfort as you try to use the harness that you have bought.
  • Adjustability: Ideally, choose a harness with a variety of rings through which the harness can be adjusted. Another aspect that makes this harness highly adjustable is that it can adjust to your dog’s body shape and fit tightly so your dog will not be able to wiggle out of it easily. When it comes to size, Rabbitgoo has large dog harnesses with adjustable straps for differently-sized and growing dogs.

A puppy lying on the grass


2. Material and Durability

  • Quality Materials: Durability is an incomparable factor for any harness, but it is of greater importance for some large-sized breeds that may put more pressure on the harness. The Rabbitgoo harnesses are manufactured from military-grade 1050D nylon fabric to enable the product to withstand abrasion and wear. It also provides a high density to give the harness enough pulling power and capability to last through rough terrains.
  • Comfortable Padding: A harness should have sufficient padding to eliminate the likelihood of it causing rashes and discomfort. Some tips to help you when choosing a harness are to look for harnesses that have soft and breathable fabric inside, for example, Rabbitgoo harnesses. This feature assists in reducing pressure on various body parts by working on their body curvature hence making it easier for them to walk without feeling much pressure on their joints.


3. Design and Features

  • No-Pull Design: A no-pull harness design is crucial for large and very strong breeds. The no-pull Rabbitgoo harnesses have leash connectors on the front chest, which work to minimize pulling by changing your dog’s direction of movement. This design also allows you to train your pet to walk with him calmly by your side, increasing the amount of control and at the same time, reducing the load your pet puts on your person and him or herself.
  • Back Leash Attachment: Besides the front clip, a solid position at the back of that leash attachment makes dog walking easier and for low-energy and less demanding exercises. Many harnesses available from Rabbitgoo have both frontal and rear attachment options which makes it possible to use the harness in various strolling methods and in training.
  • Handle for Control: It is recommended that there is a handle at the back of the extra large dog harness, which comes in handy especially when in busy centers or when trying to pull your dog into a car. Its large dog harnesses have a sturdy loop on the back and Rabbitgoo has a hot sale handle for extra emergency control.

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4. Ease of Use

  • Easy On and Off: Some considerations that one should look for in a good halter are its ease of fitting and removal most importantly for large breeds that may not be willing. The harness that Rabbitgoo uses features quick-release buckles to achieve this conveniently. At the back of their user guides, there are detailed instructions that are easily followed to ensure that the harness can be fitted well.
  • Adjustable Straps: Wearable something that comes with straps must be such that it can fit well and still not compromise on the freedom of the dog. Adjustable harnesses from Rabbitgoo are easy to use because they have multiple connection points that can be adjusted to fit the dog appropriately according to its body size.


5. Safety and Visibility

  • Reflective Elements: For evening or early morning walks, reflective elements on a harness enhance your dog’s visibility to drivers and other pedestrians. Rabbitgoo harnesses incorporate reflective strips, ensuring your dog remains visible in low-light conditions, thereby enhancing safety during nighttime adventures.
  • Secure Fastenings: High-quality buckles and straps are essential to keep the harness securely in place. Rabbitgoo harnesses are equipped with durable buckles that can withstand significant force, ensuring your dog remains safely harnessed at all times.


6. Special Features

  • Molle System: If you have a service dog or a dog that accompanies you on outdoor adventures, a harness with a Molle system can be highly beneficial. Rabbitgoo’s tactical dog harnesses come with a Molle system on both sides, allowing your dog to carry water bottles, bags, medicines, and ID cards. This feature is particularly useful for service dogs or those involved in extensive outdoor activities.

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7. Style and Aesthetics

  • Variety of Colors: There is always the emphasis on the performance of the harness while its looks are not left out either. Rabbitgoo largely provides for different colors and designs that can help one choose the best harness for not only his/her dog but also his/her own preference. Starting from the classic black to more bright and gaudy shades, life presents a style for everyone.
  • Matching Accessories: Regarding harnesses, it is possible to find sets that include not only the harness itself but also leashes and collars that are likely to match. Rabbitgoo provides a one-stop-shop extra large dog harness as you can purchase sets that coordinate the different equipment your dog will need to have, making them stylish as well as effective.



Picking the right harness for your large dog requires aspects of size, material type, design as well as safety considerations to be met. Among Rabbitgoo’s large dog harnesses, like Tactical Dog Harness Vest with Handle and No-Pull Dog Harness, we offer excellent options for meeting these requirements. What sets them apart is their understanding of what a big dog needs, comfort, and control plus durability in the products they develop. So when you decide to purchase a Rabbitgoo harness, you are confident that your companion will have a good time while walking and also that you are safe during the exercise session.

As you want your dog to be comfortable and safe when training, you have to ensure that you invest in a good large dog harness. Spend some time identifying the right one and you will have endless fun alone with your beloved pet who will be happy and secure in any given situation.

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