Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into the Bathroom? (5 Reasons)

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into the Bathroom? (5 Reasons)

Our furry feline friends are basically unpredictable sociopaths, they are weird. When you over the shower and open the curtain shower, you are super startled to see your cat there when you pulled back the curtain. Some cats will even become worried and vocalize a crying /upset type meow. Why does your cat watch you shower?

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1. Show His Love to You

Cats are arrogant and sensitive animals. They seems arrogant and difficult to get close to humans, but the owner mean all for them. They see you go in and take a bath. They like to follow you to prevent accidents. This is another way to express love.

2. Some Cat Likes Freshly Laundered Things

They will be curious about what the owner does, and when it hears the sound of water, it will also arouse its curiosity. She wants to join you but doesn't want to get wet, so she's telling you to get out of there.

3. He Thinks Your're in Danger

I believe that the reason cats watch us shower is that they cannot get over our insanity. Most cats absolutely hate to be immersed in water and they hate being sprayed by water even more. Water is danger, why human spray it on the body? It seems we have lost our minds. So he may talk to you, and try to let you aware the danger.

4. He Can't Smell You.

Cats rely heavily on smell to identify each other and people. The behavior could be to ensure she has scented me and I her which is highly important in cat socialization. If he don't smell you (due to perfumes from soap) , he will worried and vocalizes a crying/upset type meow.

5. Cats Are Also Creatures of Habit

If you are used to feeding your cat in the morning. But you prefer to take a shower and get dressed before heading downstairs to feed him, he may try to rush you through your morning routine and get to the part where you feed him faster.

If this behavior is bothering you, the best thing to do is close the door so he can't come in, or ignore him when he does talk to you in the shower. Another option is to switching an opaque shower curtain so he couldn't see you anymore. 

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