Black Friday Cat Tree Deals 2021

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Black Friday Cat Tree Deals 2021

Our Amazon's Black Friday Cat Tree sale will start on Thursday, Nov. 25 (Thanksgiving Day). We've prepared these amazing Black Friday deals that will save you up to 20% on cat trees. 

5-tier Cat Tree Tower, 61-inch

This indoor cat tower is a go-to spot for your cat to play, exercise, and relax. It Crafted of heavy-duty particle wood, the strengthened base plates double secure the overall stability so this tall cat house won’t shake or fall when your cat jumps in or out. The robust posts are made of high-density particle wood tubes which can bear lots of weight and hold all platforms firmly without any wobbling, ideal for large kittens and average cats. Multiple scratching posts reinforced with natural sisal rope will satisfy your cat’s instinct of scratching. Multiple layers and ladder also meet your feline’s climbing nature. The cozy cat condo is a perfect hideaway for your sensitive baby to enjoy privacy. The top perch with raised edge feeds your cat’s desire to look out the window and to take a sunbath on sunny days.

3-tier Cat Tree Tower, 39-inch5-tier Cat Tree Tower, 61-inch
26.3” L x 19.6” W x 61” H (67x50x155cm)
Light Gray

Large Condo, High Perch, Cozy Basket, Fun Ball Toys, Multiple Scratching Posts, Teasing Rope, Leisure Hammock


39" Multi-Level Cat House Condo with Large Perch

This 3-level cat tower allows kitties to showcase excellent climbing skills while getting enough exercise. The extra-large top cat bed nicely satisfies their natural desire to be high-up and have the confidence of the surrounding. The sisal-wrapped cat posts provide your born scratcher with something exciting to sharpen the claws! When drowsy hours roll in, your lazy kid can cuddle up in the cozy cat condo for a slow afternoon and sweet dream. No matter your kitten wants to stretch out on the spacious perch, curl up inside the plush hammock, or release the scratching urge onto the sisal posts, this all-in-one cat tree tower combines both style and functionality to make your fur baby’s day full of fun and excitement! Your spoiled furball can have a long nap in the warm cozy condo, feel snuggly hugged by the hanging basket, and fight with the furry bell ball for extra mental stimulation.

Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat House Condo with Large Perch, Scratching Posts
3-tier Cat Tree Tower, 39-inch
19.6" L x 19.6” W x 39" H (50x50x99cm)
Light Gray, Dark Gray, Beige, Brown, Navy

Big Condo & Extra Large Perch, Fun Ball Toys, Multiple Scratching Posts, Leisure Hammock


3-tier Cat Tree Tower with Adjustable Base, 38-inch

This unique cat condo features an adjustable base for you to change its configuration and find the best way to enjoy it. You can customize it to match your feline's unique personality or use preferences. This design also allows the tree to better fit into various room layouts. Whether you use it to delight your bedroom corner or showcase it in the middle of your living room, its flexibility will surely meet all functional and decorative purposes. Your energetic kitty can patrol the cat tree by climbing or jumping through platforms, embrace the natural urge of scratching onto the sisal strands, and respond to the call of wild by fighting with the fluffy balls. When lazy hours come, your little one can soak up some sunbeams when lounging up high on cat bed, or drifts off into sweet dreamland inside the cozy condo.

Cat Tree Cat Tower with Adjustable Base, Small Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat Condo
3-tier Cat Tree Tower with Adjustable Base, 38-inch
19.6" L x 17.7” W x 38.1" H (50x45x97cm)
Light Gray, Dark Gray, Beige, Brown, Navy
Innovative Adjustable Base for Customizable Use, Large Condo & Perch, Fun Ball Toys, Multiple Scratching Posts