Reusable Pet Crate Pad

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If you are looking for a durable pad for pet potty training, whelping, or any other activities, the Rabbitgoo pet pee pad will be your perfect choice.

Try using this oversized training pad to help you contain unexpected messes and teach your dog better toilet habits. Your dog will realize that this is its toilet site, and then gradually learn not to pee in the wrong place.

You can also bring the pad along on vacations or use it as bedding protection when your dog is sick. They also make ideal kennel liners and litter box mats.

    Key features:

    • Reusable & Cost-effective - Disposable pads are relatively wasteful. This reusable pad is effective for multiple washes and you don’t have to run to the store at inconvenient times.
    • Ultra-absorbent & Waterproof- With polar fleece covering and TPU lining, the pad can absorb a large amount of liquid and prevent spills.
    • Slip Resistant - The premium rubbers

    1. Reinforced & Delicate Edge
    Compared with others, our pad edge is specially sewn with a soft cloth. This design ensures leakproof function and prevents the pad from tearing easily.
    2. Fast Absorbent Surface
    The surface is made of high-quality skin-friendly polar fleece, which is not easy to pilling and offers your pet ultimate warmth.
    It also absorbs and dries liquids quickly. Just wipe with a dry cloth to make the surface as clean as ever.
    3. Slip-Resistant Backing
    This non-slip bottom is wrinkle-resistant and keeps the mat stable, making it easier for your dogs to play freely. This material is safe enough that you don't have to worry about damage to the floor or furniture surfaces, backseat, or any furniture.

    Ways to Train Your Pet

    1. Place the pad in a fixed place. Please distinguish it from the pet's sleeping and feeding place. Take him to his specific area and use a verbal cue such as “Go potty”.
    2. If your pet is sniffing around or has a nervous reaction to defecating or urinating, please guide him/her to the pad and make him/her realize that the pad is his/her ''toilet".
    3. Reward your pet for using the pad correctly. Stop your pet from defecating outside the pad.
    4. When your pet is used to peeing indoors, do the potty training outdoors by gradually moving the pee pad outside.