Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens
Rabbitgoo  33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens

Rabbitgoo 33" Cat Tree for Indoor Kittens

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cat tree for indoor cats

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree for Indoor Cats with Scratching Post, Play Toys, Condo - A Functional Activity Center for Small Cats

Rabbitgoo 33 inches Cat Tree Cat Tower is an all-in-one functional activity center designed to bring both entertainment and relaxation to your lovely small cats. Featured with multiple posts and platforms, the cat supply allows you to meet your feline friends' natural needs of scratching, climbing, and lounging. The cat stand will attract your cats' plenty of attention to protect your house furniture from clawing.

Climbing up and down to exercise and relieve extra energy; Scratching to keep nails healthy; Playing with toys to relieve boredom; Lounging in a cat condo or additional cradle to have a rest; Overlooking on the top perch... Your cats choose it!

Comes with detailed instructions and all necessary tools, the kitten tower is easy to assemble and ready for your cat to explore! It is not only a cat center but also a piece of modern furniture adding to your room decor.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Cat Tree; Overall Dimensions – 33.5" H x 19.4" L x 16.9" W (85 H x 49 L x 43 W cm)
  • 1x Installation Manual
  • 1x Set of Tools and Parts
cat tree all in one

Rabbitgoo All-in-One Cat Tree Cat Tower - A Smart Choice for both Rest and Play

  • Multiple relaxing and exercise spots and amusing toys provide plenty of playtime and naptime for both active playful kids and shy quiet babies. A roomy condo, a plush cradle on the side, a cushioned top perch, your spoiled kitties can pick wherever they want to choose as a relaxing spot.
  • Your chippy kittens will also gain enough fun by climbing up and down the multiple layers. As well as the balls toy will keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated.
cat climbing tower

Multi-level Cat Climbing Tower with Multiple Platforms Layers - Exploration Never Ends!

  • Multiple layers with a vertical design can be regarded as an indoor exercise center for your born climber. Jumping from the bottom to the top perch, your cats will enjoy the fun of exploration, as well as release extra energy without paying much attention to the house furniture.
  • The additional springboard in the middle of the cat stand provides a chance for exercising little cats' jumping ability.
cat tree scratching play toy

Cat Activity Tree to Meet Felines Nature - No Matter Your Friends Are Scratchers, Playful or Quiet Baby

  • Keep Healthy Scratching Behavior

Multiple cat scratching posts covered with durable sisal will meet your feline’s natural scratching need, without leaving scratches on your delicate furniture! It allows your born scratchers to sharpen their claws and relieve extra stress.

  • Enrich Daily Joys with Amusing Toys

Ting-a-ling! The hanging ball with a bell really attracts your kittens' attention, helping him/her get familiar with the cat tree faster. Your cat will also gain enough fun with the spring ball on the board, which delivers more mental stimulation for your indoor cats.

cat tree
  • Be a Dreamer If Tired

No matter whether your kitties want to take a rest or fall to sleep after playing, the spacious cat house condo is a good privacy room to pick. Your sensitive kitties can relax in the dedicated place to have their own time without being disturbed.

  • On Higher, Looking Further

If your felines love to stay in high places for the maximum sense of security, the elevated top perch is recommended. Your furry babies can lounge on the top platform to take sunbathe on a sunny day or survey the surroundings like a king or queen!

Rabbitgoo Cat Tower for Indoor Cats - Good Quality Deserve Your Choice

solid wood

plush covering

scratching post

natural sisal

Reliable Particle Board

The base footprint and platforms are both made of high-density particle boards for stability and durability, ensuring your little cats can play safely around the cat stand.

Skin-friendly Plush Cover

Covering with plush faux fur to promote comfort, the cat tree allows your little babies to be immersed in softness and warmth.

Strong Supporting Post

This cat tree consists of plenty of posts and platform boards. The strong posts allow your cuties to do much aggressive play or scratch for a long time using.

Robust Natural Sisal

Multiple posts are wrapped with natural sisal ropes to satisfy your feline's daily scratching habit, as well as protect your furniture from clawing.

stable cat tree

Cat Stand Supply - No Worry about Multiple Cats' Aggressive Play AnyMore!

  • The stability and sturdiness of the cat tree are important considerations for almost cat owners. Our well-made cat tree you can trust! The substantial base, high-quality materials, and balanced vertical design bring confidence to the reliable construction, which firmly supports your naughty and tireless cats' endless exploration.
  • The additional anti-toppling set offers double security to the safety, which prevents accidental wobbling with aggressive play.

Rabbitgoo Indoor Cat Tree for Small Cats - Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions: 33.5" H x 19.4" L x 16.9" W (85 H x 49 L x 43 W cm)
  • Condo Interior: 8.7” x 9.0” x 16.5"
  • Top Perch: 17.3” x 10.6"
  • Basket Diameter: 13.4”
  • Overall Product Weight: 18.8 lbs. (8.55 kg)
  • Assembly Required: Yes. All Hardware and Instructions Provided.