Geometric Pattern Kitten Harness and Leash Set

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rabbitgoo Escape Proof Kitten Harness With New Pattern Design

Are your curious kittens interested in all new things, such as new smells or new sounds? Of course, Your indoor kitten loves to explore like other pets. Come on! Take your cat outdoors with our new pattern harness set and let them experience a whole new world freely!

Package includes: 1x Rabbitgoo Kitten Walking Harness and 1x Walking Nylon Leash (150cm)

2 Sizes Available:

1. S: Designed for Extra Small Cats -- Neck Girth: 6.6” -8.5”, Chest Girth: 9.0” - 12.0”

2. M: Designed for Small Cats -- Neck Girth: 7.5” - 9.5”, Chest Girth: 11.0” - 13.5”

***Friendly Note: Please measure your cat carefully and refer to the detailed size chart before purchasing


Get Customized Fit While Growing

This Kitten harness is equipped with adjustable magic tape and a quick release buckle--The wearing process will become easier and more efficient!

  • The magic tapes are easy to adjust which allows you to quickly customize the vest to your cat's tiny frame.
  • By connecting the buckle and adjusting the strap to a suitable position, makes the leash control more confident, and prevents cat escape from the harness.

*** Tip: Please adjust the strap closer to the harness to get a better escape-proof effect.


Maximum Comfort for Your Little One

  • Especially to deserve to be mentioned, this Rabbitgoo New Pattern Design kitten harness set is specially Made of soft and breathable padded air-mesh with a soft edge, which can effectively prevent injuries and offer your baby cat a cozy suit. By wearing it your cat will get a soft hug and reduce your kitty's anxiety.

Thoughtfully Designed for A Secured and Comfortable Wearing Experience




Fast-Release Buckle

This strong buckle can not only make it easy to put on and off but also keep your pet securely in the vest

New Pattern Design

This geometric pattern and colorful print vest not only ensures safety and comfort but also add a personalized design

Reflective Stripes

Upgraded reflective stripes provide extra safety in low visibility situations. It is easy to go outside for walking or playing even at night


How to put on:

Step 1: Put the harness on the ground and keep the size tag towards up. Place your kitten's front legs in two loops.

Step 2: Pick up two ends of the harness and wrap around your kitten's chest. Secure the magic tapes on your kitten's back snugly.

Step 3: Adjust the strap to ensure that the harness is secure, but not too tight. Clasp the strap using the buckle. And match the leash with back attachment ring.


Minimum position: To tighten the strap: Bringing the slider closer to the logo

Maximum position: To extend the stap: Pull the sliders away from the logo

***The 1-finger Rule:

You should be able to fit 1 finger between your cat and the harness

rabbitgoo Cat harness Set for Extra Small Cat-- Love Pets Like Kids