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Summer Travel With Pet: All You Are Looking For

We all know summer is the perfect time for adventure, and what's an adventure without your furry friend by your side? It's totally incomplete as pets bring joy, companionship, and an extra layer of fun to our summer vacation.

According to 2021-2022 statistics, 37% of families now travel with their furry friends, marking a 19% increase over the past decade, which is inspiring!

But have you ever wondered how to make traveling with your pet as enjoyable and stress-free as possible?

Careful summer travel plans, packing the right gear (such as using a secure pet divider), and knowing important tips are essential to ensure pet safety and comfort. Do you want to explore more?

In this article, you can dig out everything necessary to make your traveling pet-friendly.

Let’s go ahead!


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The Joy of Summer Travel with Pets: A Growing Trend

When the sun starts warming the earth, people start making summer travel plans. Traveling is the favorite hobby of many people and carrying their family members, especially the four-legged ones is what they cherished most.

Out of the 90.5 million households that have furry friends, around 78% of American pet owners travel with their companions annually.

Recreational activities such as hiking and camping are activities where pets take an equal part that was never before. If you are also taking your friends for summer travel, make sure to plan everything thoughtfully for a safe and enjoyable journey with your furry companions!


Pet-Friendly Summer Trip: Planning and Preparation

If you are going to make a memorable trip with your lovely pet, be sure to have all the necessary items with you and properly plan your trip before proceeding.

First thing you need to do is check the policies of air lines, hotels or other accommodations to see that either these are pet friendly or not.

Next, you must organize and pack the essentials carefully. Make sure to make a packing list of the things that your pet will require, such as:

Another thing you must ensure is that your pet must be vaccinated to avoid any risk or potential danger. Also, keep a copy of the vaccination with you, which could be demanded by hotels and rental houses.

Two dogs sitting on the back seat of the car


Top Pet Hospitable Travel Destinations

Summer travel with pets is enjoyable, and it becomes a wonderful task if you choose the right destination for your pet. Before moving to a place, make sure that the destination is safe and hospitable for your four-legged family member.

Top pet-friendly destinations include beaches, parks, cities with fun and mountain areas.

Allow your pets to swim, hike, boat ride, go camping, and have great fun. Explore the sun, sand, and water of a beach and let your pet feel it, too.

Some of the world-famous top travel destinations for your pets include Block Island, Chicago, and Stowe. Enjoy the scenic walks and explore the beauty of places with your favorite ones.


Pet Travel Memories: Capturing Summer Adventures

Traveling and enjoying the journey with your pet is a memorable experience, and it must be captured to create an unforgettable memory. So, be sure to take a camera or drone with you to capture the memories.

Take plenty of photos, record videos, or capture footage through the drone. You can share these amazing pictures and interesting videos on social media to get more love from your family and friends, which will make this event more special.

You can create albums and write blogs on domestic travel with pets, too, to share adventure with your people.


Keep Your Pets Safe: Helpful Travel Tips

Traveling with your pets is a playful and joyous activity, but some tips are needed to make this trip safe and secure for your pet.

Follow these vital travel tips to ensure a worry-free domestic travel with pets:

  • Make sure that your pet's microchip is registered.
  • Bring with you a pet carrier to make the trip comfortable.
  • Deeply research pet-friendly travel destinations.
  • Bring with you essential medications.
  • Be prepared and ready for potential emergencies
  • Use a leash so that your pet can not get lost or injured.
  • Keep your pet's health certificate with you.
  • Install a dog car barrier in the car.
  • Bring water and food along with you.
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Safe Traveling with Your Pet in the Car: Dog Car Barrier

A dog car barrier or dog car divider is a very useful tool when traveling with your pet in a car. Dog car nets also act as a divider or the barrier which is used during traveling nowadays to ensure the pet is secure and safe. These products keep your dog or pet from jumping into the front seat which helps in avoiding distractions while driving and safety of the pet.

Further, they give your dog a comfortable area to ride in, thus helping them avoid stress and anxiety. Since they are easy to install and adjust, these products are highly recommended for every pet and dog owner who wants to travel with their pet.

Stop endangering your pet’s life – get a dog car barrier now! Have peace of mind, a happy pet, and a safe trip. Saddle up for the ride and rest assured your pet is insured no matter how many miles you travel.

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The Bottom Line

Summer travel with pets is a wonderful experience that can give you life time memories, relaxation, and much more. However, it requires proper preparation, planning, and safety measures to make the summer adventures hassle-free.

To make a safe, secure, and joyous trip with your furry friends, you can read this post from top to bottom.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to use a dog car barrier, which ensures your furry-firend’s comfort and safety. So, if you want to buy it, you can trust in Rabbitgoo; we ensure comfort and quality plus affordability in our products to ensure you and your four-legged friend can have a happy trip.  

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