Meet Maui and Her Family

Meet Maui and Her Family

Woof-woof! I’m Maui, a sweet chocolate border collie puppy who lives in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain.

I was born in a peaceful farm of herding dogs, sheep and hens where I grew up with my brothers and sisters until I was 3 months old. Meanwhile, almost 400km away, a young couple dreamed of sharing their adventures with a furry 4-legged partner. And that’s how we became a super team of 3.

However, the beginnings were not easy. I came from a very calm environment surrounded by nature, but my family lives in the city. It took me a tough time to adapt to urban noises and car journeys, but with the help of professional canine educators and the effort, infinite patience and daily love from my humans, I have almost won over my fears and we are finally enjoying a lot more together. We all know that border collies are highly intelligent and sure, I learn the tricks at the first time, but also and above all we are very sensitive.

Too, I am very very very very affectionate and friendly; I never let a dog nor his or her human go without greeting me because I looove to put myself belly-up so they can scratch my tummy. I am also energetic, like my daddy, and a bit stubborn, no doubt that’s something I got from my mommy.

We enjoy hiking in the woods and mountains discovering incredible places. I already feel the snow and the beach is one of my favorite spots. Recently, I have started doing stand up paddle with my humans, I lie down on one of my human’s boards and from time to time I jump on the other board; it’s funny to throw them into the water and swim all 3 together, isn’t it? Our next challenge is to introduce me to bikejoring which I have no doubt I will also enjoy a lot. Every time we come back from a trip, my humans are already planning the next one because the adore breaking the routine, so I still have a whole world to discover.

Without a doubt, I couldn’t have been luckier with the small but amazing family that chose me; but what they don’t know is that it was actually me who chose them.

If you want to learn more about Maui's family, you can find them on Instagram @the.chocolate.border.collie

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