Does cat have to be dewormed

Does cat have to be dewormed?

People might have confusion that if he or she need to deworm their cat. Many people think that their cats are clean enough and do not need deworming. Does your cat not go out always? Do you ever see bugs in your cat? Maybe not, however, as a cat owner, you still need to deworm the cat, otherwise, cats will suffer from some potential disease and impact you and your children's health. 

  1. Cats that don't go out need to be dewormed. Many parasites are not easily found by human eyes. You think cats are clean and free of parasites, and sometimes they may have been infected.
  2. You can't wait until you get infected with parasites. If you have been infected and treated again, the cat will suffer more and the owner will have to spend more energy and expenses.
  3. The indoor cat needs deworming both in vitro and the body once per 3 months.
  4. The Cats that often go out need deworming in vitro for once per month, deworming in the body once per three months
  5. After the stray cat has finished deworming in vitro and in vivo, it is necessary to pay attention to isolate it from other domestic cats to prevent cross-infection.
  6. The kitten needs to be detoxified after 40 days of birth to be healthier and safer. It's not recommended that pregnant cats are for deworming.


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