When is The Suitable Training Time for Puppies?

When is The Suitable Training Time for Puppies?

Small dogs start training in a few months. It is better to train dogs when it is young. When they are small, dogs are easier to tame and easy to correct their bad habits. However, because the dogs are relatively small, the dog's self-consciousness and comprehension ability are not particularly good. Parents need to spend more patience to train them. How many months does the dog trainer? Let's take a look.

Training dogs can begin in 3 months, and 3-8 months are the golden section of training.

Dogs are very intelligent animals, and some actions can be remembered even once. So the first is having patience. Dogs and children are almost the same, will soon get tired, and soon turn to play. So try to train in a short time, then give him enough rewards and time to play, so he will like to train!

When training dogs, you need to grasp the degree of goodness. Generally, it is appropriate to take 5 times a day. Too often training is often counterproductive.

Just like the children at home, the dogs also have the best training time. Here, by the way, the age of education for children in China is getting earlier. Here, parents are advised to study during their children’s school. Don't ask your child for anything. Just let the child live with other children of the same age. It is good to develop a child's social activities. The intelligence of the child in this period is not fully developed. If you give the child a variety of tasks. Requirements often make children feel inferior, which is not conducive to the growth of children. The same is true for dogs. When the dog is too small, that is, at 1, 2 months, the dog is not yet fully developed; and if the training is too late, the little one can easily develop some bad habits, bad habits. It takes a lot of effort to correct it. Here are useful training tools provided by Rabbitgoo:  Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness and Pets Portable Dog Treat Bags

We generally adopt puppies when we are 2 months old. Just bring the little guy back. The little guys are in a new environment and often don’t get used to it. Don’t worry about this time, let the little guy adapt to it. Starting the little guy will not love the activity very much, just adapt to the new environment, it is about 3 or 4 days, then let the little guy stay at home for 10 days to take the little guy to the vaccine. After the vaccine was observed last week if everything is normal, this time is almost three months old, and you can start training.

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Training should also be gradual. During the 3-5 months of the dog, there are mainly basic behavioral exercises, such as calling, sitting, lying, shaking hands, and practicing exercises. 6-8 months of dog bone strength has been fully developed, you can do some jump-related training. After the dog has been 8 months old, the dog's physique and intelligence have been developed, and you can train some complicated movements, such as professional obstacles, fancy flying discs and so on.


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