The First Dog to Conquer the Himalayas

The First Dog to Conquer the Himalayas

As we know, the Himalayas are the world’s highest peak and the environment is very harsh. It seems an uncompleted task for normal people. Only experienced professional climbers can reach the summit. However, there was a dog that climbed to the top of the Balenzer peak of the Himalayas at 23,389 feet (7,129 meters) and became the first dog to conquer the Himalayas! !!

According to the British "Daily Telegraph", the dog named Mela successfully climbed the Barenze Peak in Nepal without any help and can still run freely after reaching the peak.

Sherpas, who accompanied the expedition, said they had never seen such a scene. And the expedition's Himalayan database, a non-profit organization that recorded expedition activities, said Mela could be the "highest" dog since the record.

Database staffer Billy Billin said that several dogs had been to Everest Base Camp(about 5,400 meters) and climbed up to the second altitude camp of 2,300 feet (about 6,500 meters).

Some people wonder how did the dog go to the top? what difficulty did the dog get over?

Mela is actually an ordinary stray dog. It is not a valuable breed. It has been living at the foot of Nepal's mountains and has adapted to this severe cold weather. This is the first step for its success.

In just a few days, Mera lived with Tang as if he were a close family.

There was nothing special at first, but everyone began to pay tribute to it when I saw Mera’s superb climbing skills.

"They said it was a special dog that brought good luck to this expedition, and some even thought it was an incarnation of luck."

The next day, the climbing team started to conquer a very steep ridgeline, which required a rope to descend thousands of feet vertically.

Don put Mela into the camp. Mela bit the rope and follow them unexpectedly. Less than an hour after the team set off, Mela caught up with them. In desperation, Tang could only hold the fixed rope with one hand and hold Mera with another hand to move on.

On the last day, the expedition team left Mera while he still sleeping. Although it showed his strong climbing ability, Don still didn't want him to follow the team and take the risk continuously.

However, Mera woke up and found that everyone was gone, so she went all the way to catch the team. It took Mela 2 hours to complete the 7 hours of the expedition and appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone saw Mera walks in front of me, not affected by the cold of the mountains and the wind, still full of energy.

The temperature around the summit is minus 20 degrees, and the wind speeds can reach 40 miles per hour. Most people need to wear professional equipment, and with enough physical strength to stand up, but Mela didn't wear any protection. Dogs are really smart, strong and brave, they are incredible!


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