How to Help Stray Animals in Winter

How to Help Stray Animals in Winter

There are roughly 70 million stray dogs and cats in the U.S. And for many of them, the food and shelter that they find during the winter will mean the difference between life and death. It may be time to help homeless dogs and cats survive the cold days. 

1. Food and water. Providing stray animals with fresh, clean food and water can help them survive the cold. That means they will need to use less energy to solve their dinner. 

2. Notify your local authorities. Most animal shelters will usually make an effort to pick up stray dogs — but it may take several days or weeks for them to do. 

3. If you are able to take care of an anima on the long-term commitment and you feel safe, then you might consider bringing the stray animal home. Just make sure your first stop is with a veterinarian.  

4. Provide shelter. If bringing the animal home is not a good idea, you might be able to help him survive the cold by providing shelters such as dog beds or sturdy cardboard box lined with straw. 

With a little effort and compassion, one person can help at least one stray animal through the cold days of winter and hopefully on to better days ahead. 

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