Big Feeding Mistakes Hurt Dog’s Health

Big Feeding Mistakes Hurt Dog’s Health

Nowadays, lots of people embrace dog ownership, but most of them don't pay much attention to the dog's diet. One common idea among them is that as long as the dog doesn't get ill, he(or she)can eat whatever he (or she) wants. Some will consider buying special dog food for dogs but need to notice that dogs can't eat things like people. For example, dogs can't eat salty things, it will impact the dog's health badly,which is a major mistake in feeding the dog. If you want your dog to keep healthy, you should heed such matters.

First of all, feed the dog with less salt and sugar food. Otherwise, it will make their stomach sick and their fur becomes poor. You can choose ready-made dog food or other nutritious cans for dogs, which will please them and support them with good nutrition.

Besides, there are several kinds of foods dogs can not eat including peppers, onions, ginger, and other similar foods. They will impair the dog’s sense of smell. And they need to get away from ice cream, chocolate, candy, and other food with many sugars, either.

Simultaneously, the dog should be supplemented with foods with high vitamin content, such as carrots, even if they may not be willing to eat. You can chop the foods and mixed them into a dog meal, then the dog will eat them.

And dogs sometimes bite things randomly, you may think that it may result from grinding teeth or bad mood, however, it also can be caused by the malnourish or lack of minerals or some trace elements. Then what you need to do is to adjust your feeding food.

Last but not least,some careless owners may feed them cold milk or ice cream or other cold dairy products, helping to low the temperate in the summer, which may lead to diarrhea for some dogs with Lactose Intolerance.


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