dog therapy for depression

How it works - Animal-Assisted Therapy for Depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent schizophrenia diseases. In the case of drug treatment as the main treatment method, pet treatment of depression has also been favored by some patients.

Pet treatment of depression has long been advocated by the Western medical community. Whether it is the elderly or children, caring for pets can stimulate people's passion for life, and many negative emotions will be reduced in interaction with small animals. "Animal therapy" has a good effect in the treatment of depression, mental illness, autism, and also has a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of other diseases, especially for the related diseases of the elderly.

Animal therapy has also become a recognized science. Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have found that after a month of raising cats or dogs, the chances of the owner becoming sick are greatly reduced. Many doctors believe that domestic pets are more beneficial to older people than drugs. Researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK have also surveyed 60-87 years. Half of them have cats. Or dogs, these people are more likely to be integrated into society, rarely plagued by loneliness and depression, live more optimistic and happy.

In order to create a relaxed working atmosphere, some Japanese companies have also raised “animal therapy” in recent years. They have kept pets such as dogs and cats in the company. Japanese companies have also introduced a “pet companion system” to allow employees to bring their pets back to the company. Working together, the communication between employees has become easier and the overall atmosphere has been greatly improved.

Pets are the best friends of mankind. They bring you happiness and bring your health and bring you an optimistic and positive attitude towards life. In a sense, keeping a pet is another way to maintain your health. If you have any problems, look for an enthusiastic doctor.


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