What if The Dog is Very Aggressive to His Owner?

What if The Dog is Very Aggressive to His Owner?

The dog must be disciplined by the master, but there must be away. Just like disciplined children, pure violence will only make them more and more violent, or other mental and behavioral problems.

I would like to say that it is difficult for many dog ​​owners to accept that the dog has made all the mistakes, but it is because of the owner. It can also be understood that all behaviors of a dog are directly or indirectly affected by the owner. If there is a "murderer" or "guardian" behavior, or if you want to find a reason, if you are really troublesome, then you should not raise a dog.

First of all, the new home dog should give them time and space to adapt to the new environment and the new owner. At this time, don't spend too much, intense, and forced ways to get along with the dog. It's true that they are bought by the owner, but it doesn't know what you paid for it. You can't use human thinking directly on the dog to ask for it. If the owner has too much enthusiasm and even directly forced the dog to "recognize the Lord" to express his relatives, it may lead to dog fear and self-defense behavior, especially in some stray dogs that have been hurt. It is easy to attack the dog that is overly scared.

Secondly, the owner should not be too much to love the dog, to establish his own "national leader" status. A dog is a social group of animals. Dogs have almost absolute loyalty and obedience to recognized “ethnic leaders”, but it does not mean that if you pay for it, it will definitely recognize you. In daily life, the owner should give priority to the dog to eat, try not to feed the dog while eating, it is best not to let the dog rest in bed. Priority eating order, higher habitat location, etc. are only available to leaders in the community.

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The way to teach dogs is scientific. It is not that you can't "hit", but it depends on the situation. Basically, if you don’t catch the dog’s erroneous “out-of-the-box”, and after a period of time, even if you kill it, it’s hard to associate you with the act of “attacking” it now. Together. It is true that many dogs are "honest" and "obedient". This is not because they know it is wrong. They are simply afraid. They don't know why the owner attacks them, so they can only express obedience and be careful to avoid being attacked again. However, it is not ruled out that some dogs will become gloomy, sensitive, and violent. One day, they will be attacked by self-defense because of excessive fear of their actions.

I never think that raising a dog is a simple and happy thing. It is a lot of fun to have a pet, but there is nothing in the world that is free. You have to pay a price, so be sure to think about it before you raise a dog. They are also life.


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