6 Signs You're Not Ready for a Pet

6 Signs You're Not Ready for a Pet

Every time you want a pet, and you’ve even planned out what you would name this bundle of joy, and even where they would sleep. But if you recognize any of the signs below then you probably aren’t ready just yet. 


1. Sometimes you skip meals because you’re so busy, or lazy. If you did this to your pet they will most likely end in tragedy.  

2. You don’t always come home and sleep in your own bed every night. But if you had a pet then you would have to be back for bedtime to make sure that they’re okay. 

3. If you’re not ready to be cleaning the poo up in places such as the local park, your carpet, and your favorite jeans, you need to stop googling were to adopt a puppy from. 

4. If the waft of a bit of vomit in the loos on a night out turns you green, well then you probably can’t deal with a pug throwing up on your gym bag. 

5. Could you really promise yourself that if you had a puppy, you wouldn’t accidentally lose it in the park? If you couldn't, you are not ready for a pet. 

6. If you don’t have enough space for a cat bed in your tiny box room. Plus if the landlord found out, then that would definitely cause a few issues. 

Before adopting pets, please make sure you can take responsibility, take care of them, and give them a happy life. 

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