10 Basic Training Guidelines That You Must Acquire

10 Basic Training Guidelines That You Must Acquire

1. Training always does not go smoothly. Don't be discouraged or blame the dog. Encourage them to strengthen your confidence and learning ability. The owner's always in a calm will make the dog emotionally stable. If you are emotional, the dog will be afraid of you and become cautious and no longer believe in you, making it difficult to learn new things. Professional dog training courses and teachers will guide you to get along with the dog better, which is helpful for the dog’s training.

2. Just like children, diverse dogs have different tempers. Different breeds of dogs learn things in different ways at different speeds. Some dogs are more stubborn and don't work with you. While some dogs are very docile, always trying to please the owner. Therefore, different dogs need different learning methods

3. Rewards must be timely. If your dog obeys the instructions, you must praise or reward it within two seconds, thereby consolidating the training outcome. Once this time has passed, it cannot connect your reward to its previous performance instead of the other wrong behaviors.

For example, if you are teaching a dog to “sit down.” The dog may sit down indeed, but he may have stood up when you reward him, which will make him feel that you reward it because it stands instead of sitting down.

4. The dog-sounding film is a special sounder for training dogs. Compared with the rewards such as food or touch only, cooperating with the sound of the dog-sounding film is more timely and suitable. Whenever the owner presses the dog’s ring, it is necessary to give the dog a substantial reward. Over time, the dog will naturally associate the sound with the reward. So any instructions you give to your dog can be used with the ring.

Be sure to reward the dog in time after pressing the ring. After a few times, the sound and reward can be linked, so that the dog can understand that his behavior is correct when he hears the sound.

When the dog makes the correct action, you press the ring and give the reward. When the dog makes the same action next time, you can add instructions and repeat the exercise. Use a ring to associate passwords with actions.

For example, when your dog is sitting, press the ring and give the reward. When he sits down again for the reward, you can say “sit down” and guide it. Then press the ring to encourage her. Finally, he will understand that he can get encouragement when he sits down.

5. Avoid dogs being disturbed by outsiders. You have to make the people you live know the dog training. For example, if you teach your dog not to jump on people, and your child allows him to do so, then your training is in vain.

Make sure the person you live with has the same "password" as you taught. He doesn’t speak English, and doesn’t know the difference between “sit” and “sit down.” So if you use these two words alternately, it may not understand.

If the passwords are inconsistent, the dog cannot accurately associate behavior with a certain password, thus affecting the training.

6. Dog correctly obey the instructions should be rewarded, but the reward should not be too large, a small amount of delicious and chewy food is enough. Don’t let him be too easy to get rewarding food or spend a lot of time chewing food, which will affect training. Choose foods with short chewing times. The food with size as same as an eraser at the top of the pencil is enough. And you can use a portable dog treat bags to carry the dog food with yourself,feeding the dog conveniently.

7. Rewards should be set according to the difficulty level of the action. For more difficult or important instructions, the reward can be increased appropriately. Pig liver slices, chicken fillets or turkey fillets are good choices.

When the dog learns to ask for some kind of food, it is necessary to reduce the big reward of meat gradually, which is convenient for later training. But don’t forget to praise the dog.

8. Do not feed the dog a few hours before training. Hunger helps to increase his craving for food, and the more hungry he is, the more focused he will be.

9. No matter how the dog trains this time, every training must have a good ending. At the end of the training, choose some instructions that you have mastered, and then you can take the opportunity to praise and encourage the dog so that he only remembers your love and praise every time.

10. If your dog is screaming and you want it to stop making noise, just ignore him and wait until he is quiet and then praise it. Sometimes dogs want to get your attention, and sometimes barking is just the only expression of a dog. When the dog is arrogant, don’t use a toy or a ball to block its mouth, which will only make him feel that he can get what he wants as long as he acts like that.


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