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Dog Supplies: Dog & Puppy Accessories & Products

What do dogs really need?
In addition to the meat pieces, the never-ending biscuit barrels, the slow cats and the wild grasses, the pursuit of dog students must be much more than this. The things they want will make them happy, steady and satisfying. But do we really let the dog get this? I can't list an exact list, so we should do our best to do the best for the dog. This list is not based on the happiness of human beings, but on the needs of dogs living in human society. Let's read it carefully:

health care

I don't have to think about it; every dog ​​should stay healthy. You can start by feeding your dog with high-quality food, the amount of food you need, the age of your dog, the amount of exercise, and possible allergic reactions. Another magic weapon to keep your dog healthy is exercise. Dogs with less activity can be overweight, which in turn affects joint health and may lead to early-onset diabetes. Lack of exercise can also make dogs boring, accumulate stress, and cause a lot of behavior problems. In order to avoid this, take a dog walk every day, play it with the game, take it to the dog park - in short, do something that you can have fun with.


Dogs have the intelligence and Olympic athlete-like physical strength of a two-year-old human child. It requires the elders, our guidance, to learn to focus, control, and rules. Without these, the dog will become a little mischievous with a sense of security. Whether you call it leadership, control, management or guidance, these factors will make dogs happy.
Dogs who know the rules are more relaxed than those who lack human guidance and focus on running. The truth is that although dogs lack the ability to control things in human society, humans often put them in that position, but forget that, like children, dogs are eager to rule. So make sure the dog is trained. Teach them rules, etiquette, and consequences; adhere to consistency, establish routines, and praise those good behaviors. Reward will create a pet that is only perceptive, well-behaved, happy and calm, and uses rewards to replace the pain caused by those collars in the neck!


Dogs need to be satisfied through interaction and need to learn basic social etiquette. But their social enthusiasm is not unlimited; in fact, all dogs have a natural collective consciousness, preferring to be with dogs they know or who are not threatening. This is why many dogs feel bad in day care centers or dog parks. Putting the dog in such a noisy, busy place full of strangers and dogs, many dogs will be "short-circuited", showing pressure, or even aggressive behavior.
Try to make the dog have a regular life. Take it daily for a walk and take a car trip every week. Go to the dog park during the day without being noisy. Let the dog meet with friends once a week. Don't force the dog to socialize. It's important to allow it to reach friendly, focused dogs and people who know how to interact with the dog calmly and confidently. Always reward those polite interactions. Avoid letting the dog touch the swaying child or take it to an unknowable, chaotic environment.


Rabbitgoo Window Films - turn your window into a work of art

Window film is a thing that will be considered during the decoration. The film has both heat insulation and privacy protection. But window films are not necessarily suitable for every space, but a good choice for bathrooms, study rooms or bedroom partitions.

Different kinds,different features. There are many kings of window films on sale in our shop. Depending on your needs, you can pick suitable one among these:

1.Decorative film

Are you tiered of glaring light straight into your space? If you want to decorate your room or kitchen, you can turn to colorful window film, which can bring home some rainbow. Dress up your room, but do not miss your window.

2.UV blocking film

UV rays can speed up the fading and aging of our house and furnishings. It is necessary to protect them from the strong light damage. Our window films help you save fixing cost and create a safety environment for living.

3.Security film

Make sure that you won’t be disturbed by outside sunshine and worried about your eyes. Everyone needs private space when working, entertaining or taking a rest. Window films will get you rid of the depression of solid walls and the openness of bare glass.

4.Sleeping film

Have you ever get distressed about the strong waking light in the early morning? Have you ever apathetic because of lack of sleep. We strongly recommend our simply-designed but no-flashy blackout window film. This is our top private window films which can flitering glaring light to protect your room from intense light. It will be much better for day sleeping or baby nursery.