Rabbitgoo Privacy & Non-Adhesive Static Cling 3D Glass Film

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  • ✔ Privacy Protection: With the high privacy level ★★★★☆, this window film could provide great privacy for your home and give you a personal room in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, and so on. (Great Privacy Protection, Applicable For Most Cases)
  • ✔ Beautiful Pattern Beautify Your Home: Want to refresh your home? Let’s start on the windows! With the charming pattern, this window film could really decorate your home greatly
  • ✔ Static Cling & Easy Application: This window film is applied by static cling, without any sticky and chemical glues and adhesives. You could easily install it in the window with some water. Let’s start to enjoy the fun of DIY now
  • ✔ Removable & Reusable: The window film could be easily removed without any glue or residues, and can be applied again and again. No more worries about the ugly adhesives on the window
  • ✔ Natural Light In With Little UV Rays: This wind film can effectively reject 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays to protect your skin and the furniture from fading. Meanwhile, it helps to soften the strong sunlight and allow the natural light in. A really perfect and affordable alternative to strong curtains and blinds in the summer



Rabbitgoo Frosted Window Films Are Perfect For You If You Want High-Level Privacy,

Better Business Setting Application And A Less Flashy Look.

They Provide TOP Level Privacy And Still Let In Most Of The Sunshine.

They Create A Professional Look For Offices And Can Be Removed Without Leaving Any Trace.

They Are Pretty But Not Flashy, Can Be Used In More Formal Settings Showing Your Good Taste.

The Glue-Free Feature Cuts Down Chemical Release Drastically.

You Don't Want Your Film That Is Heated By The Sun Every Day To Contain Any Glue.

The Force Of Static Sticks The Film To The Glass, And They Are Also Capable Of Blocking

Out 96% Of UV Rays, Keep Your Furniture Away From The Damaging Sun Lights.

Easy To Apply And Get it Now!

*Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces