PAWTRENDER Leather Tailor Reinforce Handle Mountain Climbing Dog Rope Leash with Heavy Duty Metal Sturdy Clasp


Product Details


DURABLE: Strong leash made of durable mountain climbing rope make our dog leash more durable but lightweight heavy-duty and easy to clean and heavy-duty clasp with the classic leather connection.

TANGLE FREE: The dual ends allows you to walk two dogs at once without tangling your leash. Swivel clasp design allows for auto-adjusting when dogs criss-cross, no limitation for your dogs while moving from side to side without messing the leash.

COMFORT GRIB: Rope with leather connection offers a strong and comfortable grip. Our Pawtrender dog leash inspired by fitness facility to add an ergonomic and comfortable handle that helps you maintain firm and comfortable grip without digging into your hands even when your dog pulls hard. Features soft padded handles for amazing comfortable shock grip, and protects your hand from rope burn.

ADJUSTABLE: With flexible handle length you can free your hands. The perfect balance between freedom and control, it gives enough freedom for your dog but everything in your control.

Size: Suitable for dogs of all heights and sizes.

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