Opaque Strips Pattern Glass Cling

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  • Dealing with bright sunlight and glare?
  • Windows that provide a clear line of sight from neighbors or passers-by?
  • Want to add some extra style and added security to your sidelight windows or front door windows?
  • Too difficult to clean up the traditional shutters after they have fallen grey?

Say ‘Good-Bye’ to Fussy Curtains, Blinds, & Shades. Rabbitgoo Stripe Pattern Window Film is a high privacy control film for glass windows, doors, sidelights, and shower enclosures. The window film has a pattern of 3cm stripes. It can block out intrusive outside views, like a blind. A window privacy film is suitable even for bathrooms as you cannot see in or out.

  • Block unwanted views and viewers
  • Prevents 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays
  • Filters light & Reduces Glare
  • Great for Shower Doors, Windows, and Cabinets
  • Repositionable and Removable
  • Static cling - no adhesives, spray the surface with water


  • The opaque privacy window film works only on flat, clean, and smooth surfaces. It will not stick on plastic, broken, or uneven surfaces.
  • Do not suggest installing the privacy window film on a double-pane window that will be exposed to the strong sunlight for a long time
  • The pattern runs horizontally across the width of the film




Sun Blocking

Rabbitgoo privacy window film has the ability to block sunlight and UV rays, slow down the aging of your furniture.

Wide Application

Use your frosting window cling in your living room, kitchen, office, etc. Stick it to your sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, mirrors, and much more!

A New Look in No Time

An advantage no other window covering has is that you do not have to cover an entire window—only the bits where the view should be blocked or onlookers kept from seeing in. So you can cover the bottom or top half of a window and leave the rest unobstructed for your viewing pleasure.

How to Peel Off the Clear Backing Film
  • Method 1 - Wet a corner of the film and twist it for a while to loosen the attachment between the window film and the backing film;
  • Method 2 - Attach two pieces of scotch tape to both sides of the window film corner. Separate the clear backing film from the window film by peeling off the tapes.

Useful Tips for You

This window privacy film is opaque, can provide great privacy, and block views from outside, while still allowing amounts of gentle natural sunlight in to brighten the home. (Outstanding Privacy Protection Even Works For Bathrooms). Waterproof and easy to clean, a good alternative to traditional shutters/ blinds.

  • 1. When applying in cold weather: before installation, blow hot air to the film using a hairdryer to soften the film up.
  • 2. The film works only on flat, clean, and smooth surfaces.
  • 3. Affix a tape on a corner of the backside (the smooth side) to quickly remove the backing film.