Easy Control Breathable Outdoor Harness with Reflective Strips

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Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash Set - Set off for New Adventures

Do your cats feel bored always at home? How could control lovely cats while taking them outside? See, our Rabbitgoo cat harness and leash set could help you to control your puppy for outside activities. If you want to find a comfortable, easy wearing, fashionable and suitable harness for your lovely small pets, our Rabbitgoo cat harness walking escape-proof is proudly designed for not only cats but also small pets, such as small pigs.

Our Rabbitgoo Air Mesh Cat Harness is designed with multiple security features to ensure safe walking on daily use, but also the air mesh lightweight harness gives your cats a comfortable experience and less stress while wearing. This adjustable cat harness is suitable for almost all cats and small pets, which fits different shapes and growth easily with magic tape and straps. Besides, the cat harness comes with a leash, it is convenient to connect the leash with the D-rings attached to the harness's back. Then the nature exploring is ready to start!

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash Set - Breathable Air Mesh Harness

Your Rabbitgoo soft cat harness is crafted of air mesh fabric with breathable and lightweight features. Get all-day comfort while wearing!

  • The skin-friendly mesh fabric is soft, which offers enough skin protection for your puppy
  • The air mesh material allows good air circulation, which dries quickly and is ideal for all types of weather
  • The lightweight feature reduces extra stress while wearing a harness, which keeps your cats in ultimate comfort
  • The harness is designed with a soft anti-rub edge, which protects cats' skin away from accidental hurt

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash Set - Easy Wearing & Adjusting with Magic Tape and Strap

Your Rabbitgoo cat harness is equipped with adjustable magic tape and a quick-release buckle. Get customized fit while growing!

  • It is easy for cat's wear with the sticky magic tape on the back, and it is also flexible to adjust the girth to fit cats well by merging and detachment, which not only fit different shapes of cats but also fit different periods during cats' growth.
  • It is easy to adjust and tighten the harness with a buckle strap in advance. By connecting the buckle and adjusting the strap to a suitable position, makes the leash control more confident, and prevents cat escape from the harness.

*** Please keep the straps closer to the harness for escape-proof effect.

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash Set - Comes with 59in Nylon Cat Leash
Your Rabbitgoo cat harness and leash set comes with matched durable cat leash. Get confident control while outside!

To better control your lovely cat while outside, a leash is important. Our Rabbitgoo cat harness leash is durable enough for daily walking or playing.
To comfortable control your cat, the leash is designed with a handle and a 360° rotation connection, which provides easy and easy control for you and your cat.
More Details You Would Like to Know about Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash

1. Reflective Cat Harness
The bright stripe on the harness is visible in a dark environment. It is easy to go outside for walking or playing even at night!
2. New Version Plaid Harness
The plaid and checkered pattern cat harness are new and fashionable, it is a beautiful cloth for your cat!
3. Quick-release Buckle
The fast-release buckle is designed to connect double D-rings quickly, which also secures safety for daily leash control.
4. 59in Sturdy Nylon Leash
This leash is equipped with a 360 swivels mental hook and a comfortable handle, which is ideal for daily walking or hiking.