Pet Bathing Brush

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Love your furry friend but worry about hair loss?Seasonal shedding?Licking the hair into the stomach causes indigestion, pet hair on the clothes, causing the breathing not smooth and so on.
Now you can Forget it!

Try our "Rabbitgoo" hair grooming gloves. It's a cheap ,high quality and efficient grooming tool.The intimate magic stick design, making it easy to take and close hand, comfortable and breathable.
The comb adopts biomimetic design to simulate the tongue of the cat and the pet prefers it best!

Fine workmanship, porous three-dimensional design, fiber reinforced for anti-bite. Gentle design, without any skin injure, an amazing comfort-cat-artifact.
A few minutes of combing hair is covered with floating hair, easy to tear, free to manage pet hair annoyance, enjoy more rest time,it applies to dogs, horses and so on as well.

Similarly, our products are completely eco-friendly design, do not contain any poisonous and odorous substances! 

Extra function-worrying about a pet that leaves a hair ball on the couch?Now forget this, our tools are equally convenient for furniture and blanket removal. 

Order it now!Get a reliable carding artifact and real quality assurance, and a sense of freedom!Once purchased from rabbit, you get 100% satisfaction

Enjoy the time with your furry friends in a clean, hairless room and have fun!

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