Rabbitgoo Dog Leash Safety Car Seat Belt

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Why do we need a car seat belt for our pet?

There are many unexpected occasions on the road while driving. Like us, a pet also needs a car seat belt to ensure safety.
Without a car seat belt, we can imagine the potential danger especially in sudden brakes and stops. 
Since most of vehicles don’t have seat belts designed for pets, we Rabbitgoo now have a great car seat belt leash for pets. 
It is lightweight but of high quality and it is simple design but with durable details. 
For our best friends, Rabbitgoo car seat belt leash is ready to provide protection and comfort during car travels.

Safety First

1. Keep your pet safely in place in the car back seat, preventing it from sticking its head out of the window or distracting the driver during car travels;
2. Offer your pet effective buffer and protection in sudden brakes, preventing it from having a sudden jerk;
3. It is more than a car seat belt! For many outdoor activities, this pet leash can also be used to better control your pet.

Quality Matters:

✔Durable Materials: premium polyester fabric, strong metal safety buckle, sturdy swivel clip
✔Pet Friendly Designs: reflective stitching design, no tangle swivel clip, protective bungee buffer design
✔More Details: easy to put on and off, soft padded and comfortable handle, lower handle design for further control

Enjoy your car travels with your lovely pet!

▶With the car seat belt leash, your can shake down the back car windows to let in some fresh air for your pet since its safety is now ensured.
▶With the car seat belt leash, you don’t have to keep taking intermittent glances of your pet by checking the internal rearview mirror and worry about its behaviors.

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