Dog Training Pouch

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The Rabbitgoo Dog Training Pouch-you and your furry friend use everyday!

Do you love getting active outside with your pup but always struggle to handle your keys, dog treats, poop bags, phone and clumsily search for treats when your dog needs a quick reward?

With Rabbitgoo Dog Treat Pouch, you can focus more on your dog and not have to search everywhere for treats or toys! Three different configurations for wearing it. You can attach it to you belt with the belt clip, or you can wear it around your waist with the included adjustable strap, or wear it slung across your shoulder like a shoulder bag.

The Rabbitgoo Dog Training Pouch is an absolute must for your pet who are treat-motivated!

Pouch Material: Nylon

Bowl Material: Silicone

Color: Grey

Size:16.2x8.5x18.8 CM

Weight: 400g

Make the Rabbitgoo Dog Training Pouch become an indispensable part of dog walking for you!

  • It's constructed of lightweight rugged nylon that stands up to sun, rain and snow like a champ.
  • It’s also great for storing your keys, phone, or cash in one of the zippered pockets or front mesh netting.
  • You will absolutely love it!

Order one for yourself and your furry friend now!


Training Your Dog without delay with Rabbitgoo Dog Training Pouch!

  • Enjoy the easy to clean bright orange lining which makes it simple to spot pet treats right when you need them.
  • It is nice and can stay open if you want it to making it easy to quickly grab rewards for your pet.
  • Come with a soft belt so you don't have to wear belted clothing in order to accommodate a treat bag.

It's dog training like you never experienced before!

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