How to Wear Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash Set

Please give your cat some time to get familiar with this harness for the first time use.

To help your sensitive friend get used to this new feeling of wearing a harness, try keeping it near your cat while sleeping or feeding. Treat your cat with treats or toys while wearing the harness.


Step 1: Put on the Harness

  • Unsnap the chest buckles and loosen all the straps.
  • Unbuckle the back buckle and lose the magic tape.
  • Make the back of the harness upward

    Step 2: Step Into Two Holes

    • Slip your pet's front legs through two circular holes.

      Step 3: Adjust & stick the magic tape

      • Adjust the magic tape position to make the harness fit your cat. Then stick the magic tape.

         Step 4: Fasten the buckles

        • Adjust the straps to ensure that the harness is secure, but not too tight.
        • Clasp the strap using the buckle.
        • You should be able to fit One Fingers between your cat's body and any part of the harness.
        • Please measure the size carefully before purchasing this harness for your Kitty.