How to Wear Large Dog Harness with Handle for Lifting

Step 1: Measure and choose the correct size

  • Neck Girth: Wrap the tape to measure the lower neck of your dog.
  • Chest Girth: Fit the tape measure around the widest part.
  • Belly Girth: Fit the tape measure around the narrow part of the body.
  • Back length: Measure from the nape of the neck to the narrow part of the body.

Step 2: Clasp the Straps and Adjust

  • Release the side buckles and velcro in the chest strap. (Loosen the neck strap if necessary)

Step 3: Put on the Harness

  • Find the neck hole and slip it over the dog's head.

Step 4: Put on the Harness - About the Strap

  • Pass the bottom chest panel through the webbing circle of the front chest strap, and attach the velcro.
  • Loop the remaining strap under the dog and up toward its back.

Step 4: Buckle Up Check the Harness to Fit Your Dog

  • Click both side buckles.
  • Adjust the Neck and Chest Straps to fit your dog.
  • You should be able to fit Two Fingers between your dog's body and any part of the harness.