Get Your Pooch a dog harness This Christmas

Remember that time your furry friend embarrassed you in public? You were getting along fine until he decided not to play ball anymore and you had to frantically pull him behind you. Well, as you get out with Bingo this Christmas, why not make things easier for you, and him, by getting a classy Rabbitgoo dog harness?

Yes, dogs throw fits too, just like kids, but that’s not the reason why you are here. You want to know the real benefits you pup (though really it’s you) will be getting by wearing a dog harness. Wonder more, here are five reasons why.

1.Great for training a puppy 

At such a young age, a puppy will only understand a leash as torture.However, a Rabbitgoo dog harness goes around his neck, forelimbs, and back so easily he would mistake it for his puppy hoodie.The harness comes with front and back rings to give you more control over the training and reduces pullingYour puppy becomes more attentive in class and you can always reward him for being a good student in getting all the commands right.

2.Very comfortable to wear

Modern dog harnesses come in various sizes to fit all dog breeds. You can get these harness in sizes like small, medium, large, or extra-large to perfectly fit your pup. Once you measure your pooch’s neck and chest girth as well as his length, you can get a harness that fits him pawfectly.And by the way, modern dog harnesses are adjustable too which is a plus!

Get dogs a Dog Harness!

3.Very breathable

A Rabbitgoo dog harness is breathable; literally and material-wise. The harness is made from a soft fabric with added padding to ensure the harness does not irritate the skin. Dog harnesses cannot be compared to collars which sometimes get too tight and strain the dog’s neck. This can easily cause difficulties in breathing especially for toy breeds like pugs.

Believe it or not, a pug’s eyes can budge out of their sockets because of the suffocating pressure on the neck.

4.Prevent Leash Tangles

A poor pup all tangled up in his own leash would definitely make for a funny animal vine. But it's all fun and games until the leash gets tangled up around his neck. We don't want that for Bingo.

Get him an easy-to-wear harness that includes leash attachments located on the back and front away from his neck.

5.They are cute!

Who can deny just how cuddly and adorbs a poodle would look in a dog harness? Whether its orange, lime, jungle green, or ebony black, your pooch will definitely be the envy of other dogs. A harness is classier and urban compared to leashes which, frankly, scream imprisonment.

Show your furry friend some love by getting her a colorful Rabbitgoo dog harness to strut around in.


Are you finally convinced how awesome a Rabbitgoo dog harness is? No doubts Charlie will give you two paws up for this amazing Christmas gift you just got him. And harnesstly speaking, you can literally save a pug's life!


Get Your Pooch This Christmas Dog Harness!


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