Why Should Your Dog Always Be Kept On A Leash Walking out

Taking a dog out is a small task that the pet owner must perform every day. Before going out, we wear a collar and a leash for the dog, not because the dog is disobedient. Traction ropes and collars, in addition to ensuring that dogs are allowed to move within the limits allowed by parents, are not lost or stolen, but also protect the safety of dogs when crossing the road, not to mention those who do not have dogs or even fear dogs. For the dog's neighbors, this move is a good way to give them a sense of security.
The following are the top 10 consequences of the dog going out without wearing a leash. I believe that you will be shocked by the dog, please consider!

1. Danger of ccidentally hit by a car

In the community or in the streets and parks of the city, the dogs are happy to run, but the dog is very happy, but you know that there are many unexpected things happening during the free play: the dog may suddenly cross the road, at most There is a possibility that the dog will be hit by a car, and the risk of lifelong disability or even life will be paid; and the dog will cross the road by himself, and the dog’s owner will be hit by the car while chasing the dog. occur.

2. Lost due to fright

The dog may leave the owner's sight during the free run and run away. This is also the case with very obedient dogs (such as holiday firecrackers or unexpected events, causing the dog to be suddenly scared and causing loss of contact with the owner.....).

3. Attracted by other dogs

The dog is attracted by the wandering dog or the estrus dog, forgetting to enter it without listening to the owner calling, and the master can't catch up...

4. Have an unexpected pregnancy

Her own dog didn't want to let her get pregnant, but she could play in the community for a while, and the dog who didn't know the breed would instantly give it up.....

5. Causing disease

Dogs and dogs don’t pay attention to eating garbage or corrupt food on the side of the road, eating bad stomachs and eating bad stomachs, and even eating illegally deliberately throwing poisonous food on the roadside, causing tragedy of dog death in the community. It often happens in it.

6. Vulnerable to bites

Dogs ran to the dense grass to play on their own, susceptible to aphids or fleas, and then carried home to spread to people.

7. Messed-up fdogs cause infectious diseases

Unconstrained dogs can smell other dog urine and easily infect small diseases such as dogs and canines. In addition, dogs can also damage public or other property due to random peeing.

8. Fighting with other dogs

In the spring season, the dog encounters other dogs. It is a common thing to fight because of the territory or estrus. The animal hospital often receives the dog that does not tie the dog rope, causing eyeball prolapse, trauma and fracture. Case. This is also easy to cause disputes between pet owners.

9. Lose control and bite others

It is a kind of disrespect for the neighbors who are afraid of the dog, and it is easy to scare the children or the elderly. What is more serious is that if you bite someone, it will bring the risk of spreading diseases such as rabies and tetanus, and you have to bear civil liability for this. Why do you say this is why you love dogs?

10. Be stolen

When you are not paying attention, it is also a terrible thing for a dog to be stolen by a dog. Many dogs are stolen and go to the table!

For your dog, for the health of others and for yourself, please act as it wears a leash, and the leash is a safety rope!

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