What Should We Pay Attention to When Taking Dogs Out

Though dogs are excited with walking outside. Owners should also pay more attention to their dogs to prevent unnecessary disputes or even tragedies. If you want keep your dogs safe, you should promise the publics' safe first. Dogs are best friends, the best way is to creat a harmonious and friendly environment that we could live and play together.

Modern families have more and more dogs, dogs are smart and sensible, and are loved by dog ​​lovers. In recent years, there have been more and more incidents of being bitten by dogs. Most of them are walking the dog without holding a rope, causing the dog to bite others, or randomly placing the dog on the street. The dog is arrogant in the street. It is a very dangerous thing for a dog to bite a person. For a bitten person, suffering from both physical and mental pain will also cause a certain shadow on the mind. For a dog, it is necessary for the dog. It bears all the responsibilities of a dog bite and is subject to moral condemnation. Therefore, if you raise a dog, you should pay attention not to let your dog bite others.

1. You must bring a leash when you go out

This is a lot of people who can't do dogs. I have a dog myself. Every morning and evening, I have to go downstairs to go to the park to walk the dog. Every day, I meet many people who walk the dog and put the dog on the dog chain. Rarely, accounting for less than half the amount. Sometimes I ask them why they don't give dogs a dog chain. Some people say that their dog doesn't bite people. Some people say that their dogs are tied on the chain and they keep calling. Some people say that dogs are pitiful. dog leash. Such an idea is not desirable. Once a dog bites someone, is it that the bitten person is not pity? Even if the dog is well-behaved, it still has animal nature. I don’t know when it will turn over. What should you do at that time? Therefore, when you are suffering from a dog, you must tie the dog chain!

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2. Do not breed dogs on the street

I will always see some of the videos of other people’s dogs coming to the streets themselves, the reality is that dogs are less likely to be raised in the streets without incident, not only are easy to lose, but the possibility of biting people is very high. You will say that your dog is honest and well-behaved, but once someone sees the dog to tease her or beat her because of fear, the dog is very easy to be motivated by the animal nature. At that time, once the person is bitten, responsible Still you.

Image result for Do not breed dogs on the street

3. When you have more people or more dogs, pick up the dog.

There must be a dog owner when the dog is out. If there is no other dog at home and you don’t want to be alone at home, if you need to go out and buy something, then you must hold the dog up so that you can avoid it. Dogs are bitten because of sudden sudden feelings of people, and if they encounter multiple dogs when they walk the dog, they will quickly pick up the dog. Otherwise, dogs will easily appear together. Friction '', when it is possible to hurt passers-by, it will also cause conflicts between you and other dog owners.

pick up the dog.

4. Church dogs, actively avoiding pedestrians

Every time I walk the dog, once I meet someone on the walk, I will stand on the side of the road with my dog ​​and ask the dog to stand still, then touch the dog's head with his hand, praise The dog is sensible, so the number of times is a little more than a few times. Every time I see someone coming to the front, the dog will automatically stand on the side of the road, waiting for others to go. This teaches the dog to avoid him, and the dog can avoid the dog biting others, which is also the best habit of teaching dogs.

Church dogs, actively avoiding pedestrians

5. Choose the right mouth cover for the dog

When you are at home, you don't have to give your dog a mouthpiece, but when you go out, if your dog's temper is a bit '‘violently', it's not so good. For example, if someone touches her, she will be very angry, or if she is a temper who likes everyone, then she must wear a mouthpiece when she goes out, so that she can completely avoid dog bites. However, it should be noted that when choosing a mouthpiece, it should be selected according to the size of the dog. Too loose or too tight will make the dog feel uncomfortable.

Have you learned it? How to prevent dogs from biting others? How do families raise their dogs properly? Now you may also need to learn how to avoid biting by other dogs, too.

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