Raise Your Puppy to Be a Social-friendly Dog

5 Limit the site

If the dog can reach anywhere in the family, or even some "steering heights", then the dog's territorial consciousness is incomparably strengthened, it will be very good to fulfill the responsibility of a "lord", that is, to protect their own territory. In this way, anyone who enters the home will infringe the territory and cause many problems.

*Some "bearing heights": on the stool, on the sofa, on the bed. You should not let the dog easily "occupy" unless the owner allows it,otherwise, let it go!

* If necessary, use a fence or keepoff to set the range in which the dog can move, let the dog know that some areas must be approved by the owner, or never enter.

6 Quality walk

Walking with a dog is a very good interaction and socialization process between the dog and the owner, and it can also release too much energy for the dog. But when we see many dog ​​owners taking dogs for a walk, it can't be called a hyena. Maybe it should be called a "dog slipper"? That is the result of the dog completely taking the lead in the walk.

*The choice of rope
The first level of the rope is the dog harness (easy for dogs, not to make the dog feel uncomfortable when pulling). The higher control tool is the neck strap (the ability to control the dog's direction in the hyena).

* Let the dog learn to wait before the dog goes out or before going home, and must wait for the owner to go out or enter the door first to announce the master's dominant position in the walk.

* Can't be led by the dog's pace, often changing the route of walking, especially at the corner of the road, let the dog know that it is not dominant.

* Male dogs or particularly strong dogs will find higher areas of urine every time, which is to use urine to mark the sphere of influence. And marking the sphere of influence is often what the team leader does, we don't need dogs to be the team leader. So every time you walk, let the dog lift the leg urine 2~3 times, you don't need to let the dog go to the tree and the corner. (After 2~3 times, the dog has actually not urinated, just to mark the territory)

* Some dogs show aggressiveness when they see strangers or other powerful dogs. It is the response of the protection team after the danger is discovered. We don't need him to protect the team, so we can close up and tighten the ropelet it sit down, and block it in front of it (tell the dog the master is the leader of protecting the team).

*When the dog has learned the above, we use a longer rope (Rabbitgoo dog leash) to pull the dog and strengthen the previous study.

dog walk rabbitgoo

7 Cottage

The hut is the "habitat" of the dog. The dog does not need a very large house as its habitat. He only needs a small space to be enough.The small space gives the dog a sense of security. From a training perspective, using a flight case as a cabin is a great option to help us solve many dog ​​behavior problems.

* It is very simple to adapt the dog to the air box. The air box is comfortably arranged with towel. The toy and snacks are used to lure the dog into the "habitat".

*The flight case can be used when the dog is resting, or when the dog does something wrong (the dog can be put into the air box when the dog is punished, avoiding violence) .

*The flight case can also be used to train toilet. Because the space inside the air box is small, the dog must do this in the air box. Then, when the dog is released, the dog will quickly adapt to this mode of raising. Dogs should not enter the air box for more than 6-8 hours.

* For small puppies we can configure a combination of "fence - air box - dog toilet" to adapt the dog to the "habitat" of the dog toilet and air box, which requires a longer adaptation time.

* The air box can also help the dog adapt to the new environment. When the dog needs to go out to be fostered, the dog will be very uneasy about the strange environment. At this time, the dog's air box can alleviate the dog's fear of strange environment.

* In addition to traveling, dogs need to be transported by air or by other means of transportation. With the air box, the probability of stress response during dog check-in is reduced. Of course this is based on the fact that it has adapted to the “habitat” of the air box.

The key to training is not the dog, but the owner. If the owner has good ideas and basic training knowledge, then congratulations, you will get a polite and favorite dog.

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