Train Your Dog in The Right Ways

10 dos:

1. Before correcting a dog's mistake, you must establish a sincere friendship with it.
2. Consider using a professional dog chain that can be stretched according to the strength to control large dogs, which is more likely to attract its attention.
3. Grasp the current situation when it “does a crime”, even if it is only a few minutes later, it will make it feel at a loss.
4. Reinforce when you are sure.
5. Use good, fun, caring and praised dogs that encourage obedience.
6. Be persistent and determined when correcting bad habits. Do not tolerate or halfway.
7. Correct the dog to create the same opportunity, if this is done right, it is necessary to reward it in time.
8. Transfer the attention of the dog with a noisy object and a low voice during the mistake of the dog.
9. Dogs must wear collars and dog chains during outdoor training.
10. Don't be embarrassed when correcting a dog in front of others, but also take care of the dog's self-esteem.


10 don'ts:

1. Severe corporal punishment of the dog, use it to bite something to hit it.
2. Because it is screaming at the dog because it is not obedient, it can only make it more stunned.
3. Chasing the dog, it will make the naughty dog ​​more excited, making the timid dog dangerous due to excessive fear.
4. Forcing dogs that can't understand the password for a while, high pressure may make it feel bad about self-destruction.
5. Exercising too hard to pull the necklace, it will hurt the dog's neck, and even life-threatening.
6. Leave the dog alone in a small, dark space, and think about the feeling of being confined by the kindergarten aunt when you were a child.
7. Punish the dog that has been blamed afterwards.
8. Punish it by cutting off water.
9. Suggestions that make you feel endangered by you and your dog.

10. Treat it with moodyness and vent your bad emotions to it.

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