Choose the Best Dog Harness for Your Canine Companion

Now colars are gradually replaced by full-protective dog harness. For it is a great piece of gear for assisting in everyday use and training. It could also provides support to elderly or disabled dogs, service dogs, and keeps extra safety to your loyal friends. Exploring rabbitgoo harnesses and learn what each of our harnesses are specially designed for and discover which might best suit the needs of your dog.

No-pull dog harness

The rabbitgoo No-pull dog harness is an everyday harness for any dog breed! The installation is quite easy and featured with 2 nech straps and 2 chest straps, it allows you dog in a wide range of size adjustment. The no-pull design is reflected in the 2 leash clips for better contral. One is the back clip that is used for casual walking and jogging, the other is the front clip which is used for training or stopping pulling. Padded air mesh hugging your dog with breathable and lightweight lining around the body makes it comfortable for all-day and all season use. This harness is a great option for dogs who are working on obedience training or for any dog as an alternative to wearing a collar.

No-pull Pro dog harness

Rabbitgoo’s No-pull Pro dog harness is similar to its No-pull dog harness, but it’s made with more durable material and more advanced webbing technique. You may use this type forfor extra control with leash-pullers, expecially larger dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd.

Lifting Handle Harness

Our Lifting Handle Harness is a perfect training harness for heavy duty dog Harness great for hiking, training, and all-day outdoor activities. Ideal for large breed dogs, rescue dogs, service dogs, working dogs, etc. This harness features free djustment with 5 adjsting points(3 around the neck and 2 around the Chest/belly) to customize a perfect fit for your dog. Size large (chest Girth of 19” - 38”) fits most medium to large breeds. You can assist your dog over obstacles or gain instant control while outing or training. It’s a great gear that good for helping old or disabled dogs go up/down stairs and get on/off cars and ideal for pet support and rehabilitation. 

LED Dog Harness

The rabbitgoo LED dog harness is go to keep you and your dog protected up when walking in the dark. You will no longer worry about your dog in the adventure journey. There is 1-click to change the light between Steady White, Flashing White, Steady Red, and Flashing RED. Surprisingly, we help you cut the cost by using rechargeable USB. Durable LED battery illuminates 10 hours per 2-hour charge, long-lasting enough for multiple outdoor walks. No hassle with replacing batteries or paying extra costs.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about our harnesses or any Rabbitgoo goods, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help.

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