The Endless Benefits of Raising Dogs

Current pet dogs have become an indicator of people's quality of life. In the past 20 years, a large number of studies have shown that raising dogs is good for people's mind and body. Therefore, Animal Assistance Activities (AAA) has carried out many pet-related activities. These activities are designed to help people solve physical and psychological problems through interactions between people and animals.
With the development of industrial society, the birth rate is getting lower and lower, the links between family members are becoming more and more loose, and pets play an increasingly important role in people's lives. Many couples do not want to have children after marriage or want to wait until the woman's work is stable before giving birth, so the dog becomes an indispensable part of their family. And whether the family is rich or poor, people can enjoy the fun of pets.
Dog is a good partner
The goal of most people (4/5) raising dogs is to find a good partner. The dog turns around like a partner or works with the owner.
For many people, raising a dog is a good way to eliminate loneliness, because it is both a good partner and a good friend of the owner. Chatting with dogs is not an abnormal behavior, and many people do this. In addition to chatting with dogs, we also instinctively interact with dogs in a way that communicates with others. For example, open your hands or pat the dog, pouting and other humanized behaviors to express your affection, even though men are less expressive than women in these areas.
Dog is a placebo
Dogs are accompanied by people, and they are closer to each other, which enhances intimacy. Dogs live under the same roof, so people have a very intimate feeling of comfort. The closer a person is to a dog, the closer a dog sleeps at night, some dogs sleep on the owner’s bed, and others sleep outside the house.
Specialized dog house.
Of course, this comfort also comes from the physical contact with people and dogs or the enthusiasm of dogs for people.

Dog is pistachio
Dogs can make people relax. It is said that when people who are under stress for a long time stay with their pets, their heart rate and blood pressure will drop. Therefore, pets are good medicine for decompression, and are pistachios of high-pressure people.

Dog is a safe bodyguard
Social crime rates are getting higher and higher, so more and more people are raising watchdogs to protect their property and personal safety. Therefore, the more aggressive species of dogs (such as the Doberman, the German Shepherd, and the Rottweiler) and the specially trained dogs (such as the Napoli and Bordeaux) are more and more popular.
But what matters is not only size and aggression. People's sense of security mainly comes from the fact that dogs are more sensitive to strangers or intruders than people, thus increasing people's thinking buffer time. Therefore, some people think that sensitive puppies, like the specially trained watchdogs, can also give people a sense of security.
Dog is a strong heart
In addition to protecting people's personal safety, dogs can also provide emotional protection. For example, with the companionship of dogs, people can be more brave to face or deal with fear, such as fear of black loneliness.
When you are in a strange environment or dealing with strangers, if you are accompanied by a dog, you will be able to complete tasks more effectively and communicate more easily. For example, a sociological study of human behavior suggests that people who bring dogs together for interviews can feel more relaxed than others.
Dogs can help you make new friends
It turns out that people who like dogs are more likely to accept others, be more active in social activities, and more likely to be friends with others. Dogs can often help people break the deadlock. When walking a dog, even the least socially friendly neighbors may stop to discuss the appearance or behavior of your dog. And dogs are the link between young people and the elderly.
Dogs can enhance self-satisfaction and self-confidence
Everyone needs a good sense of self. In order to achieve self-satisfaction, many people work hard in family relationships, work, sports or other recreational activities, and others will increase their personal prestige by raising dogs. Such a dog can be a rare breed of dog, a dog breeder, or a very obedient or agile dog.
For many people, taking care of other animals can find their own value, and therefore can be recognized by others.
Dog is a beautifying agent
It is not necessary to have a champion dog to be satisfied. Perhaps because of the personality and appearance of the detention, every time you see it, you will feel that it is beautiful and your life is beautiful.

Leisure assistant

Dogs often play an important role in leisure activities. Dogs love to play, and they like to play with people, so the dog adds more fun to people, making people forget the boring housework or work. And for many people, feeding a dog, giving a dog a make-up or taking a dog out can also be a very good leisure activity.
Child's mentor
2/3 dog families have children. Why do parents have to adopt new family members after they have children? This is hard to say clearly. It is generally believed that raising small animals can enhance the child's sense of responsibility. In the process of feeding, children can learn how to take care of pets and learn how to interact with people.
In addition, the dog has its educational value. During the feeding process, children can understand the developmental characteristics of the dog, such as sexual maturity and reproduction, and learn how to deal with the dog's health problems, which will greatly help their future life. The life span of a dog is about 10-15 years, almost the same as the time when the child grows up. The dog's life may be able to tell the child what is growing \ learning, aging, pain and death. Taking care of dogs allows children to learn a lot of skills to take care of others.
Dogs can also help children overcome anxiety, control their minds, develop self-awareness and learn how to deal with many problems in life.

Studies have shown that children like to talk to puppies and share their daily successes with unsuccessful things with their puppies, just like their siblings. So when the parents and brothers and sisters are not around, the dog replaces their position. Interestingly, the children most likely to establish social relationships and feelings with others are those who often chat with people or animals that are close to him, and those who are closely related to the child are usually their grandparents or pet.
Emotional support
If you unfortunately lose a loved one, or a child in your 10s is in a very difficult time, dogs can often provide a lot of emotional support during such a painful period.
a more responsible attitude, a cleaner family
People who have raised dogs and have to endure the dog's paws in the winter, it is hard to believe that raising dogs is good for the surrounding environment, but surveys show that families with pets are generally more hygienic than families without pets.

The therapeutic value of the dog

Dogs have many benefits for humans. People who often stay with dogs may also:
· Longevity;
· Lower blood pressure;
· Reduce the risk of heart disease;
 · Life is more targeted and more motivating;
 ·Psychological stress is small;
· Stronger, not easy to feel sad;
 · The winning heart will not be too strong;
· More tolerance for the shortcomings of others;
Dog is a good companion for the elderly
For the elderly, dogs are a special good companion, especially those who have lost their appetite. Feeding a dog can also stimulate the appetite of the elderly, and the dog can accompany them to eat together. In some places, old people are not allowed to raise puppies after retirement. But in fact, keeping a dog is good for the elderly.


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