The 6 Dog Body Language, How Many do You Know?

Dogs can't express their own thoughts in words. They can only be expressed in body language. There are many body language of dogs. But some pet owners don't know the real meaning. They think that dogs are just spoiled, but understand After that, I discovered that dogs are not just spoiled. It turns out that there are so many meanings.

1.Riding across the body

In life, you can often see a dog riding across another dog. In fact, this behavior is not only when the dog is in estrus, but also when fighting. The expression is "I am the boss." "Declaring one's own status is just a conquering act." When riding across a person, there is a sense of coquetry and hug.


2.Keep on licking (squatting or blowing your nose)

If the dog keeps licking his nose with his tongue, it means that the dog feels uneasy, so don't approach these dogs easily, otherwise it will be vulnerable to attack, or the nose may be dry and sick; when the dog is jealous of you It means that dogs like to approach you and want to be close to you, so don't dislike them.
If your dog is smelling bad breath when you are licking you, then you should pay attention to the dog's oral health. Usually, you should help your dog brush your teeth. If the dog is not willing to brush your teeth, you can give the dog some big. The bones or chicken dried meat and other snacks, usually more molars, dogs will not suffer from oral diseases such as dental calculus.
We have solved the problem in another article about how do you get rid of dog bad breath?

3.Licking your mouth, body bow

If your dog licks his mouth, opens his foot, and arches his body, it means that the dog is in a state of extreme anger and is ready to attack. Many times we see two dogs before they fight. This symptom, then hurry away, so as not to be accidentally injured by the attack.

4.Wag the tail

The dog's tail is the most common body language in the usual life. The tail also has many meanings. If the dog clips his tail between his legs, he may be scared; hold the tail up and swing quickly. That may be anger; squinting at the tail, it may be happy. When you see your dog's tail, you should carefully observe the dog's appearance.

5.Rubbing the butt on the ground

If you see the dog rubbing the butt on the ground, the owner will check the dog's anus, because after the diarrhea is diarrhea, the anus is easy to hide dirt. If the parasite is infected, the dog's buttocks will also be itchy. Feeling, so it is recommended to help the dog squeeze the anal gland when helping the dog to take a bath.
If the dog is diarrhea and diarrhea, it will be very stinky, the dog is likely to get angry, or the staple food dog food is not good, contains a lot of food additives, long-term consumption of this commodity grain, dogs are easy to stink, it is recommended Choose a low-salt 0 natural dog food when choosing dog food.

6.Revealing the belly

The dog may be spoiled, trusting, and praying for forgiveness to the owner. He wants to get the attention of the owner; but if the dog is exposed to the belly, then the dog is expressing the meaning of seeking for mercy. It is usually seen when the dog is fighting.

Feeding attention:

1. I have just said that the problem of dog stinky is mainly to eat more commercial food containing additives, which leads to getting angry. It is recommended that the staple food should be based on light and low-salt natural food. When choosing dog food, it is recommended to +Smell + taste" method to identify commercial grain and natural food (not oily and not salty), the staple food dog food is healthy and nutritious, and the dog smell will naturally improve.

2, dog food Xiaobian recommended shortlisted preferred brand of "馋 not greasy natural dog food", made of fresh meat crushed, low salt and low fat 0 added, nutritious and easy to absorb, can meet the dog's nutritional needs for a day, and It can improve the soft stools, usually drink plenty of water, eat high-vitamin foods, promote digestion, and remove toxins from the stomach.

3, the article mentions dog bad breath, it is recommended to keep the molars in the owner's home, give the dog molars in addition to bad breath, health care teeth, prevent oral diseases, recommend the following snacks, can grind teeth calcium, and can also be used to guide dogs, do Some of the most basic obedience and social training, with a snack dog will be more willing to train, can achieve the purpose of molar training.


The dog's thinking is similar to that of our human beings. It can only be expressed through body language. Therefore, the owner should pay more attention to the dog's body language to understand the dog's mind.

When did the body language of your dog usually appear?

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