Telling How to Understand the Dog's Sleep Pattern

Dogs need rest in order to replenish energy just like us. The amount of sleep required is related to its activity and age. It will find the most comfortable place to sleep, and know when to go for a small ton.

Sleep mode

Most dogs will be willing to sleep at night with their owners. But during the day, when the owners go out or are busy with work and study, they will sleep intermittently. However, if the owner's work habits are not traditional, most dogs will also adapt to other rest schedules, provided they are properly fed and exercised.

Activity demand

After the active dog has followed the owner for a long way, he will eat when he returns and then go to sleep. Many working dogs, such as gun hounds, visual and olfactory hounds, and shepherds, will be happy if they don't have a job, and they will be able to go for a long long walk. This is why intellectual training for “prey” such as food or toys is as important as healthy exercise for healthy dogs. Working dogs who is on duty, such as border collies, have to concentrate and do their best when chasing lost animals and encircling the flock. And without such a job opportunity, some dogs often fall asleep from time to time, and may even try to wake up the owner early in the morning. This behavior may also be related to its suffering from separation disorders.

Sleep requirement

Pups, like babies, require a lot of sleep and rest during activities. As your dog matures from middle age to old age, you will notice that its energy is not as strong as it used to be. But not all senior dogs are physically weak. Many owners have said that their dogs have regained their vitality when they are old, especially when they have a puppies in their homes. Puppies often entangle the senior dog to play with it. Competition will trigger a strange game between them, and perhaps a "tug-of-war" session. Older dogs often find warm places to snore, such as in a room with sunlight. You will find that dogs are more likely to get tired after a walk, so they will take longer to sleep.

Can a dog dream?

During the day or in the middle of the night, the dog seems to experience a shallow eyeball that quickly turns to sleep, that is, the almost awake step before and after the unconscious sleep. At this time, you may see the sleeping dog, while lying on his side, but doing the running, and can hear the ambiguous sound in his mouth.

Dogs who are alone at home often aim at the owner's bed when sleeping. It is not only comfortable, but also feels the owner's smell and makes you feel at ease. Dogs sleep relatively lightly during the day and are intermittent.

Some dogs remain vigilant while sleeping, their eyes will not close completely, and their ears will not relax. In this sleep situation: the daily voice of the house can wake it up, such as the courier, or the phone rings.

Dogs want to sleep when they should not, what should I do?

Some dogs will sleep day and night, and then suddenly wake up at some point. This behavior may be related to the irregular working hours of the owner, or it may be due to illness or physical weakness that temporarily causes sleep disorders. Some dogs may be sensitive to sound (too vigilant), and sudden or unusual sounds will wake them up. This condition can be restored by letting it find something or take a short walk. The way to alleviate the dog's nervousness is to simulate a natural hole for it, and prepare a covered dog cage or canvas travel bag indoors, which will make it more secure. When a dog that is difficult to calm at night is separated from the owner, it will definitely show problems with separation barriers.

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