Let Your Puppy Feel the Best of the World with You !

The love that pets give us is eternal and specific. It seems that we never have to worry about whether it will change minds. However, the love we gave it, sometimes unconsciously turned over and became a love. This love sometimes gives the wrong way, making it feel overwhelmed after leaving us, and may even push it to a dead end.

In the dog's life, we can't be with it 24 hours a day. If the dog is too dependent on you, what should the dog do when you can't take it with you? The ability to be independent is not innate, but in daily life, we should slowly cultivate it.

rabbitgoo What is the best love for dogs?

It is common to see a big dog when walking, and the owner quickly picks up the dog, fearing that it will be hurt. And what it learned is that other dogs are terrible animals, and the owner becomes very nervous and different from usual, which makes it impossible to learn how to get along with other dogs.

Such an over-protection, less contact, and active exploration of people outside, over time, it will think that things outside your arms are strange or even terrible, can not learn to get along with the outside world, can not learn to adapt. The timid dog becomes more timid, which just explains why it is always so fierce to see many small dogs around us.

When the dog is left alone in the house, the dog can't feel bad when he calls it. He immediately rushes back to see it, and even throws it delicious and gives it "please" to stop barking. So what it learned is that as long as the screaming master will come back immediately, you can get attention and reward.

Your reluctance and love can make it easy to develop different behavioral problems. When you leave your master, you are under tremendous pressure, and even become extremely timid, and you may suffer from separation anxiety. Some dogs do not eat or drink because they have been on a business trip for a few days. They are hungry and vomiting, and even have severe separation anxiety and self-harm. Although this allows us to see how much the dog loves us, but the result of hurting the body and mind is really what we want?

What does the real love look like?

Maybe like our parents,

Know how to let go when you let go.

Remember the first time we learned to ride a bicycle? At the beginning, the parents supported the car, and we staggered forward. Unconsciously, the parents quietly let go behind you and found that they had already rode far.

Similarly, our love for pets should be the same. Under the premise of ensuring that the environment can be controlled (for example, to ensure that we are going to take the ropes), try to let it slowly explore and understand this world, and guide it to make the right Behaves rather than directly depriving it of the opportunity to adapt, to learn, to do some relaxation training, and to give praise when it can relax and be independent. (The solitude here is not that you go out for a few days and let it go alone at home, but you just leave for a short time, if you want to go out for a long time, please ask your friends or family to take care of it) so that family and even friends can It's friendly, at least when you can't accompany it, it can get along with others. And at least one day, if you really can't really be with it, it can also accept the love that others give it.

The best love is not to let its world only you, nor to let it be inseparable from you all the time, but when you are together, you can share happy hours, and when you are not there, you can live happily. Maybe this is the true definition of love.

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