Dogs Can Identify Bad Guys - Scientifically Confirmed

Recent research on domestic dogs found that they have extraordinary insights in reading human gestures and facial expressions. Now, a new study shows that dogs can judge how much trust a person has and rely on them to respond.

Dogs know if they are trustworthy

Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan conducted a new study to assess the dog's ability to understand whether people are trustworthy.

In order to test the dog's ability, we conducted the following experiments:

# In the first round of testing, the experimenter pointed to a container of food, the dog ran to the side of the container to eat.

# In the second round of testing, the same person pointed to an empty container. The dog ran over but did not find food.

# In the third round of testing, the experimenter again pointed to the box filled with food. But this time, the dog did not pay attention to human tips.

The results were consistent across all 34 dogs involved in the study.

Dogs Can Identify Bad Guys - Scientifically Confirmed 1

Recent research has shown that dogs have the ability to make judgments and responses based on how much their owners trust others. In one experiment, the owner of the dog would ask for help from others. In some cases, the owner will get help; at other times, the other person will show rudeness or aggressiveness to the owner. After that, the experimenter who plays the helper will try to give the dog some food. The study found that dogs would be happy to accept their gifts for those who had previously been friendly to their owners, or who did nothing when the owner asked for help; but if they had treated their owners rudely, dogs For these people, they show indifference. This shows that the dog's understanding of human social interaction is much more precise than we thought before.

Further research is currently underway on the extent to which dogs understand the interaction between the social world and humans. If the current research continues, it is very likely that scientists will find that dogs are much more sensitive than human imagination.

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