Iran bans dog walking in parks

Iran has banned dog-walking in its capital city in public places such as parks.

Tehran Police Chief Hossein Rahimi reportedly said Tehran’s Prosecutor’s Office had given its stamp of approval for the ban.

According to the BBC, he told the Young Journalists Club (YJC) news agency that the move was because dogs are “creating fear and anxiety” among members of the public.

“We have received permission from the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office, and will take measures against people walking dogs in public spaces, such as parks,” he told the agency, which was set up by Iran’s state broadcaster.

However, the republic’s animal lovers plan to openly flout the new law, suggesting that it’s more bark than bite.

Dogs “create fear and anxiety” when they are seen in public, Rahimi said in an appearance at the Young Journalist Club, part of Iranian state television. “The police will take measures against the owners.”

He did not say exactly what measures. His comments were echoed in the semi-official Fars news agency, where people complained that dogs take away all the fun in public parks.

Why the law bans dog parents walking their beloved dogs in public and what should we pay attention to when taking dogs out? That are questions we should think deeply, beyond the Iran.

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