a dog's way home

In the past two years, the film market has introduced a number of dog-themed films. The most eye-catching is the film "A Dog's Mission" in early March 2017, written by American bestselling author W. Bruce Came. Long’s original novel of the same name was adapted. Although there were many heavyweight films in the same period, it still ranks among the phenomenal movies of the year with a score of 600 million.

At the moment, Cameron’s other warm-hearted work, the Hollywood tears adventure produced by Columbia Pictures of the United States, is also a dog’s way home. This one will bring you some more. Surprise and touch?

As a feature film with no stars, low cost, and simple stories, "A Dog's Mission" has not been released yet and it is regarded as an upset. However, in just a few days, it has entered the public's field of vision with amazing momentum and became the third. The monthly box office’s absorbing gold has created tremendous success. Even after the domestic movie market appeared one after another, there were a number of "dogs", but the box office they added did not surpass "a dog's mission." After the "mission", "going home" can see the "dog film" phenomenon level again? The audience has always been looking forward to this.

Nowadays, the movie "A Dog's Way Home" undoubtedly makes the audience shine. This movie is not only created by the same author as the "mission", but also by the original team. The word-of-mouth and quality guarantees that the film has not yet been The release has become the most anticipated "dog film" of the year, and netizens have said that "even if you cry, you have to go to the theater to support."

The film "A Dog's Way Home" was introduced by China Film Group Corporation, issued by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., translated by Changsha Group Translation Production Co., Ltd., produced by Columbia Pictures, and participated in investment by Bona Film. Directed by Charles Martin Smith, starring Ashley Judd, Jonah Hall-Gold, Alessandra Shipp, Bryce Dallas Howard as the English dubbing of Bella, Huo Siyan The Chinese version of Bella is dubbed.

Different from "A Dog's Mission", the movie "A Dog's Way Home", although also illustrated by a dog's perspective, reflects the deeper emotions of people and animals. "What we don't know is that a dog can still return to its owner after living in another dog's lifestyle for a while," as Cameron said, not only between dogs and people. Feeding and being reared, but should be accompanied by each other as a partner.

In order to return to the owner Lucas, the dog Bella in the film can walk more than 600 kilometers, there is no shortage of hunger and cold and the threat of mountain beasts, but it is willing to take risks and risk his life only to return to the owner. By the side. "What touches us is the real thing," Cameron said, he never deliberately sensational, but the real, warm emotions in the film are always in tears. Although there is no "Hollywood"-style big-cafe lineup or a reversal of the brain, I believe that this film can still capture the hearts of people through warm healing.

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