7 Easy Money-Saving Tricks For Dog Owners on Pet Expense

Not all shovel officers have a lot of energy and time to take care of their dogs. Therefore, Rabbitgoo staff compiled these 7 tricks that can help the dog owners save time, effort and money, thus better caring for your dog.

1 Carry the vacuum roller with you

It can't be avoided that "dog hair flying all over the sky", so you need to carry a mini vacuum cleaner with you so that you can clean the dog hair sticking to the clothes at any time.

2 Buckle small coup

Install a buckle on the dog's leash, so that when you need to free your hand to do something else, or if you need to limit the scope of the dog's activities, you can hung the dog leash at random. You don't have to stand in front of the pillar for a long time, but you are afraid that the leash will fall off.

3 Ice hockey heat

Many shovel officers on the Internet will make a hockey puck for their cats in the summer to help them with the heat. In fact, we can also do this for the dogs. In order to attract the attention of the dogs, they can also put their small toys frozen inside.

4 Clean the sofa small coup

It feels that the sticky dog ​​hair on the sofa is always difficult to clean up. Don't worry, Rabbitgoo teaches you to do this: bring rubber gloves, stained with water, rub it back and forth on the sofa, and the hairs are all on the gloves!

5 Ingeniously save dog shampoo

The shampoo used in dog bathing is always expensive, so we can try to make a bottle of shampoo for a longer period of time. Find a bottle of the right size, pour the dog shampoo into the bottle for a quarter, then fill the bottle with water and shake it, which is convenient and economical. Here is a convenient tool Automatic Soap Dispense that will helps a lot.

6 Prepare a special kettle for the dog

When you go out, remember to fill the kettle with water, so when you bring the dog out to play, you don't have to worry about the dog being thirsty and drinking unclean water.

7 Hemostasis artifact

Put the corn starch on the side of the dog when you cut your nails. If you accidentally bleed the dog's nail scissors, press the corn starch to stop the bleeding. Of course, you can buy professional hemostatic powder.

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