Puppy Nutritions That Your Dog May Be Missing

Guide: What nutrients need to be supplemented by puppies, the puppies are in the stage of growth and development. At this time, the puppies grow fast, and the requirements of adult dogs are reached in just seven months. The fast-growing body needs a lot of Nutrition to maintain, if the nutrition is lacking in the growing season, it will cause irreparable problems, nutritional deficiency is a more troublesome disease. So what do you need for puppy nutrition? What nutrients do they need to supplement? The following 52 dog network Xiaobian will tell you:

Puppy Nutritions That Your Dog May Be Missing 1

The main nutrients needed for the growth of pet dogs are energy, protein, calcium, trace elements, vitamins, etc., which are essential nutrients for the growth of pet dogs. These nutrients are not converted and need to be taken from dog food.
Nowadays, pet dog breeding is the purchase of finished dog food. Generally speaking, pet dogs can meet the growth demand as long as they eat dog food. In the growing season, dogs have a large nutritional difference due to dog food. The difference in taste of the grain still needs to be supplemented rationally according to the situation. Adult dogs don't have to be added, they can meet the needs.

Puppies generally need to consider calcium, trace elements, and protein in their nutritional supplements. When a puppy is deficient in calcium, it cannot be seen from the body. It can be supplemented with calcium according to different dog breeds. For example, a small dog can make up less, and a large dog can make up more. 2 to 3 months less to make up, 4 to 7 months to make up. The demand for calcium in the puppies is very large. Even if the calcium in the dog food is calcium, it does not necessarily mean that the dog can absorb it. Once, it is important to pay attention to the demand for calcium in the puppies.
The lack of protein in puppies can be seen from the physical condition. The body is thin, the hair is not growing well, dry, etc., may lack protein, the nutrients in the dog food are not enough, you need to give them enough milk powder, lean meat and so on. Dogs are also very important for vitamin requirements. They can be given some vegetarian dishes. If necessary, eat vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, they should be exposed to the sun and exercise properly.

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