Why do dogs like to make marks at home

The dog's marking behavior makes people collapse, but it is really their instinctive behavior. There are many reasons for this behavior, but whether or not it is instinctive, the dog's marking behavior at home is a problem.

First, you should consider whether the dog is communicating with you. You can't ask him why he is urinating everywhere, so take the dog to the doctor first. It is a good idea to take a urine sample to the hospital. Make sure that the container containing the sample is clean and that urine should be sent for inspection as soon as possible. If you can't check it right away, you can save it in the refrigerator for a while, but the previous day's urinary urine can't guarantee the accuracy of the test. Before solving the problem of inappropriate dog moles, you must first eliminate the health problem, otherwise the adjustment behavior is useless and may cause harm to the dog. Disorders in the dog's body system can increase the chances of marking or marking due to sexual needs, making it difficult to control the dog's urination behavior.

If the health problem has been ruled out, consider the reason why the dog is marked at home. Marking behavior is sexual, and dogs that are not sterilized will definitely do so. Unsterilized dogs use the smell of urine to pass information to other dogs. Dogs may want the opposite sex to find the signal they left behind and be able to mate. Dogs also use the urine to tell the same sex, this is their own private dog territory, deterring the other party not to attempt to enter the territory to steal the opposite sex.

Of course, potential mating may not be all for your dog. There are many important things, such as private dog space, shelter, food... yes, and you are a valuable asset to him. The dog tries to warn other dogs not to try to invade. Marking behavior of resources occurs more commonly in male dogs.

Marking behavior can become a habit and becomes ingrained in the dog's brain. Just like some of our habits, if you don't let these habits appear, you will feel that life is awkward. Dogs are not allowed to be marked where they are usually used, and he feels like a human quit smoking or dieting. Habits are hard to break, but you can achieve your goals by sticking to rewards.

Choose a place where you want a dog's note (such as outdoor), and then start to strengthen his behavior at the dog's choice of urination. When indoors, it is best to use a leash to limit the dog's range of activities to ensure that the dog can go out and reduce the occurrence of indoor accidents (small series: fences are good, fences instead of cages). When the dog goes out to make a note, be sure to reward him with words and extremely delicious snacks. Stick to it until the correct choice of the dog becomes a habit. You may need the help of a certified trainer. Therefore, patience, persistence and rewards will make the dog's markup behavior better and better!

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